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Ahn Zhe

Ahn Zhe is a Taiwanese visual Artist and television actor. His works have been shown in countries including France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Hong Kong, and have won numerous awards. “The Vanish no.226” was selected for the 3x3 illustration show in the US, and presented in the 3x3 directory that year. “The Dustman” (2013) was nominated for the Revelation Essential prize at the Angouleme International Comics Festival in France. “The Gift” (2013) won the Best Newcomer prize at the Fumetto-Internationales Comix-Festival Luzern in Switzerland. In 2006, the “kiwi country” series won second place for character story design in the 10th Seoul International Animation Festival competition. He is also the author of the “Dreams Under the Bed” gift book, and the main visual designer for the 2019 Golden Horse Fantasy Film Festival.


Selected for the Illustrators Exhibition at the 2018 Bologna Children’s Book Fair   This book depicts the story of AHO, hippopotamus who lives in a cage inside a zoo and imagines going to explore the world with a boy.   This wordless picture book, born after nearly three years of work, is based on the five illustrations of hippopotamus AHO, which were selected by the illustrators Exhibition of Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2018.  
Rights sold: Spanish   In Gagabe Forest, even a gentle breeze has to be careful passing through. The forest is home to creatures so set in their ways, you couldn’t imagine. Sensitive and old-fashioned, they live lives where everything stays the same.   Nothing is allowed to change, because they believe that even the smallest change could bring disaster to Gagabe Forest. This means: the number of trees in the forest must stay the same, and at the same heights; everyone has to take the same road home every day; everyone has to keep the same hair...   They would accept nothing new, nothing adventurous. They live according to tradition.   Their lives are as flat and predictable as a glass of plain water. To make sure that everything in the forest stays the same, a neighborhood watch called Team Six patrols the entire forest every day to check that everything is the same as yesterday. This is where our story begins. A stone appears in the forest, and no one knows why. Sometimes it glows, sometimes it makes strange sounds. Team Six is stumped.   How could they restore Gagabe Forest back to the way it was ...?
In a gloomy, lifeless city only full of the voice of constructions, there is a girl living in an old apartment. She has a mark on her face and the only friend of her is the red flower.   The little girl is shy and isolated, but everyday she takes good care of the red flower. On rainy days, she will hold an umbrella beside. Before going to bed, she will kiss the red flower for good night. One day, awaking from the midnight, the little girl finds the red flower is missing. By running out of the house immediately and following the leaves, she enters into a wild, unknown forest, where little elves dream to recover the broken land. What she see shall make her realize a different way of love… A beautiful story of letting go and the tender call on the environment care. Not only for children but suitable for adult readers, even under the dark tones pictures, the readers shall be warmed by the visually stunning dreamlike flower at the end of the story.
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