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Tseng Ming-teng

Ming-teng has been teaching students from 7th to 9th grade physical and chemical for over 20 years. His teaching combines creativity with interdisciplinary learning. For him, teaching science is like bringing dreams to students. He has won many awards for teachers like The First Prize of Super Teachers in Taiwan (2013), 100 Creative Teachers (2014) and Future Education of Taiwan (2017), etc..


Rights sold: simplified Chinese Selected in recommended books from Taiwan in Guadalajara Book Fair (2021), Bologna Children’s Book Fair (2022) and Frankfurt Book Fair (2022)   Do you remember the screaming plant being pulled out of the soil in the Harry Potter series? It isn’t a plant that only exists in the wizards’ world. In our world, it does exist and is called Mandragora. It was used for anaesthetization!    After watching the passionate Japanese anime Kimetsu Yaiba, do you also have the impulse of learning the unique breathing styles of the characters? Well, the authors suggests not to do it, seriously! Breathing too much oxygen into your body would not make you as strong as the protagonists but might cause dizziness and headaches!    From ancient science like Newtonian mechanics to modern day science like Quantum mechanics, this books introduces  the development of bioscience history and knowledge with funny stories and cute illustrations. Combined with well-known memes, these stories will make you laugh at first, but the knowledge is secretly inserted into your brain by the authors. When you finish this book you will then notice…oh my god! I have lots of bizarre knowledge of biology ! 
My son was my “laboratory mouse”!  When smallpox threatened the world, people tried everything to fight it and Dr. Edward Jenner was one of them. He discovered that people who had cowpox wouldn’t get smallpox! He needed more cases to prove it so he needed a few  “laboratory mice” (in this case it’s human)…. And he even made his son to be one of the “mice”!    Save the country! Could the lack of wine destroy a country?  In France, wine making was a very important industry. However, it was so hard to maintain the quality of wine. Wine turned sour easily and this caused a big loss to the wine producers. Microbiologist Louis Pasteur decided to help them. He discovered lactic acid bacteria, which made the wine become sour. His study not only saved the wine producers but also explored contemporary microbiology studies.   Combining humorous memes and popular slangs from the internet, the authors turned boring and tedious bioscience history and knowledge into interesting stories that are easy to understand. After reading this book, I really wished that my biology teacher taught me like the authors did! 
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