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Noir Noir Shih

Noir Noir Shih (施暖暖), a full-time illustrator. She studied illustration at ESAL in France. Her works include children's books, picture books, graphic designs, comics, and product packaging designs. She is recognized by the 3X3 Children's Illustration Award in the U.S., the JIA Bronze Award in Japan, and the 2019 Taiwan Cultural Expo Award for the best cultural and creative works of the year.


3x3 International Illustration Show No.19 Honorable JIA Illustration Award 2022 Bronze Award   A notable fur-free picture book from Taiwan! Today, wearing fur is no longer necessary. However, fur is still often used in accessories such as fur trims on coats, gloves, hair accessories, earrings, and pom-poms on hats and boots. Tens of millions of minks, foxes, and raccoon dogs are sacrificed for these accessories, and this number does not even include other animals such as rabbits.   Depicted from a real case of when a fox gets lost in a big city. What happens if the fox is captured by a fur farm? Will they be able to survive?   On one side of the book, the baby fox is taken away by a fur farm worker from its mother, but the baby fox escapes. At the same time, on the other side, the mother fox is looking for her baby and gets lost in the big city. Readers can start from either side of the book and the stories end at the middle of the book. Will the mother fox and the baby fox find each other in the end?   Size: 23 x 26 cm    
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