類別 : 女性小說
頁數 : 320
出版 : Ballantine Books, 2022 年 6 月 14 日
版本 : 精裝版
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繼首部小說《出發吧!埃芙維》(Evvie Drake Starts Over)登上紐約時報暢銷榜、熱銷逾18國後,這次琳達‧霍姆斯(Linda Holmes)挾著溫暖迷人的文字,帶領讀者開啟一趟啟發之旅。


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即將滿40歲的蘿莉.賽瑟琳(Laurie Sassalyn),因為突然被迫取消婚禮,痛心的她回到緬因州的家鄉,處理姑姑道特(Dot)的遺物,道特姑姑是一位活到93歲精力充沛的冒險家。道特姑姑的遺物中,除了一盒盒寶麗來相印機和陶器之外,蘿莉發現在某個雪松木製成的盒子底部有一隻神秘的木鴨。就在找到一封寫給一直單身的道特姑姑的情書後,蘿莉的好奇心徹底被燃起,因為信中的結尾寫著:「親愛的,無論如何,如果你曾有絕望的時刻,總會有鴨子陪著你的。」





美國作家、文化評論家和播客,為NPR(全國公共廣播電台)的流行文化記者,主持播客〈流行文化快樂時光〉,該播客在紐約、洛杉磯、華盛頓特區和其他地方舉辦的現場表演經常售罄。其第一部小說《出發吧!埃芙維》(Evvie Drake Starts Over)(版權還在,有興趣歡迎來信索取書稿)是《紐約時報》的暢銷書。平時喜歡看浪漫喜劇、烤麵包、種植物,和寵物玩耍。


“Flying Solo is a testament to the truth that love comes in all shapes, sizes, and situations; that being alone does not mean being lonely. And Linda Holmes creates characters and conversations so real that sometimes I wonder if she is hiding in my closet, eavesdropping.”—Jodi Picoult, New York Times bestselling author of Wish You Were Here


“Linda Holmes has crafted another moving and tender novel full of bighearted characters, smalltown charm, and deep truths about life. Flying Solo is a perfect book for anyone who feels a little separate from the flock.”—Rebecca Serle, New York Times bestselling author of In Five Years


“It’s impossible to read Linda Holmes without smiling. Flying Solo has everything: life decisions, second chances, intrigue, skulduggery, and a hot librarian! I loved it.”—Clare Pooley, New York Times bestselling author of The Authenticity Project


“Flying Solo is warm and comforting, like a weekend with your favorite people, sharing their funniest stories and hardest-won wisdom. After two very tough years, this lovely book is exactly what we all need.”—Kate Stayman-London, bestselling author of One to Watch


“Holmes’s sophomore novel is a wise, heartwarming story of family, unexpected romance, and shaping your own path in a world where it often feels next to impossible to do so. It’s a beautiful mystery and a tale of self-searching tied into one.”—Carola Lovering, author of Tell Me Lies


“Holmes blends humor, emotional depth, and small-town charm in this delightful story about the bonds of family and friendship, showing how even the most independent people need someone to lean on. Readers will love spending time with Laurie and her friends.”—Booklist (starred review)


“Holmes’s colorful cast of characters pop off the page, and the sure-footed plot entertains. Readers will be eager to see what Holmes does next.”—Publishers Weekly


“As in her debut, Evvie Drake Starts Over, Holmes displays a gift for warm, richly drawn characters and situations that are as cozy as a steaming cup of tea. Laurie is refreshing as a heroine who is entering her forties, a size 18, and completely comfortable with her life as an unmarried, child-free woman. . . . A charming and easygoing look at all kinds of love and the beauty of independence, featuring supremely likable characters.”—Kirkus Reviews


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