Fear Is Just a Word: A Missing Daughter, a Violent Cartel, and a Mother's Quest for Vengeance


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出版 : Random House, 2023 年 9 月 26 日
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★美國出版社Random House以七位數美元重金拿下的版權,預定於2023年9月重磅出版。此書另外也在寫作大綱階段授權了英國(Fleet)、日本早川書房(Hayakawa)與義大利(NR Edizioni)。
★此書電影版權已授權Amazon,導演是Alejandro Landes,編劇是幫HBO改編Station Eleven與Euphoria小說成美劇的Mauricio Katz與Pedro Pereira
★來自於前紐約時報墨西哥辦公室負責人、詹姆斯·弗利·梅迪爾新聞業勇氣獎章(James Foley Medill Medal)與Michael Kelly Award獲獎者阿札姆.阿邁德(Azam Ahmed)的紀錄,帶您一窺墨西哥犯罪猖獗的真實故事!。


瑪麗安.勞德古斯(Miriam Rodriguez)跟蹤著謀殺女兒的那位男子,來到美墨邊境的跨境大橋。男子是「洛斯·澤塔斯(Los Zetas)販毒集團」的一員,也是瑪莉安鎖定的多位目標之一。集團正控制著瑪麗安位在美墨邊境的家鄉聖費爾南多(San Fernando),不僅破壞了安寧的生活,也摧毀她的人生。為深入搜查,瑪莉安染了頭髮並徹底變裝,獨自策畫緝捕這位男子的所有計畫,為女兒凱倫(Karen)復仇。


本書呈現多筆深入調查,揭露了「洛斯·澤塔斯(Los Zetas)販毒集團」如何在墨西哥建構勢力、如何逐步利用「美墨交界的十字路口」聖費爾南多(San Fernando)獨特地理位置進行毒品走私貿易,並控制這片土地。為了金錢、權力與控制,他們綁架、謀殺被害人,瑪麗安的女兒便是其中一位。




這段驚悚懸疑的故事,不僅僅是一位母親的心路歷程,更是整個墨西哥的縮影。邪惡與貪婪佔據這片土地,崛起的暴力勢力已不受控。當國家對犯罪猖獗束手無策時,人民只能自我保護,社會又該如何是好?作者阿札姆.阿邁德(Azam Ahmed)以資深記者的筆調、銳利的視角,帶領讀者一探令人不寒而慄的墨西哥犯罪議題。




阿札姆.阿邁德(Azam Ahmed)是紐時的國際調查記者,為紐時前墨西哥辦公室的負責人與阿富汗辦公室負責人。2019年阿札姆.阿邁德曾揭露一連串拉丁美洲殺人事件,並統整出暴力事件的根本因素,同年阿邁德獲頒西北大學詹姆斯·弗利·梅迪爾新聞業勇氣獎章(James Foley Medill Medal),2020年榮獲Michael Kelly Award獎項。


Amazon.com Review

An Amazon Best Book of October 2023: Fear Is Just a Word is a work of reportage so epic and so meticulous, its central story so devastating and vividly personal, that putting it down will be practically impossible for readers, not until the very last page. One evening in 2014, Miriam Rodríguez got an anguished call from her eldest daughter, informing her that members of the Mexican drug cartel known as the Zetas had abducted her youngest daughter, Karen. A native of a Zeta stronghold—San Fernando, Mexico—Miriam had fought tooth and nail for Karen’s life years before—in a Houston hospital ward—and now she fought for it again, becoming part vigilante, part detective, part constitutional lawyer, and all avenging angel. A heartbreaking account of one mother’s stand for justice in a world gone mad, as well as a painful, harrowing history of how drug cartels came to feed the beast of demand from Mexico’s neighbor to the north with a depraved disregard for life and law, Azam Ahmed’s true crime tale is absolutely electrifying. —Editor Name, Amazon Editor


“Ahmed writes about violence in Mexico with insight and sobriety, avoiding the usual markers of journalistic prose (descriptions of the research process, references to site visits). Instead, he maintains a cautious, at times exhilarating, distance from his material, letting the story unfold at a rapid pace, as if on its own, interweaving the contextual and the intimate in a series of vivid juxtapositions.”—Cristina Rivera Garza, The New York Times

“From one of the best reporters of his generation comes this masterful portrait of nightmarish violence, endless pain, and great courage. Azam Ahmed shows us what America’s insatiable lust for drugs has done to one Mexican family and town just across the border.”—George Packer, author of Our Man

“Azam Ahmed has written a page-turning mystery but also a stunning, color-saturated portrait of the collapse of formal justice in one Mexican town.”—Steve Coll, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Directorate S

“Fear Is Just a Word is a brilliant piece of nonfiction storytelling. Ultimately it offers up a restorative tale of human redemption through individual courage.”—Jon Lee Anderson, author of Che

“With graceful, unflinching prose, Azam Ahmed brings us straight to the heart of cartel violence. The complexity with which he renders his brave subject, Miriam Rodríguez, only deepens the infuriating tragedy into which her family and country have been drawn. I can’t stop thinking about this book.”—Sierra Crane Murdoch, author of Yellow Bird

“A riveting work of reportage, set against the ruins of a drug war gone hopelessly, violently awry . . . I couldn’t put it down.”—Daniel Alarcón, author of The King Is Always Above the People

“Staggeringly well-reported, propulsive, vibrantly populated, powerfully gripping, and moving . . . Miriam is the avenging ‘mother of all Mexicans’ who had a child ‘disappear’ into the inferno of Mexico’s militarized drug cartel.”—Francisco Goldman, author of Monkey Boy

“Ahmed captures the essence of humanity in this deeply moving story about a brave yet flawed woman desperately searching for her daughter’s assassins as the clock ticks.”—Alfredo Corchado, author of Midnight in Mexico

“In his indelible work about a personal tragedy set against the canvas of a societal one, Ahmed writes about Mexico with uncommon authority and a broken heart.”—Gary Shteyngart, author of Our Country Friends

“A harrowing exposé, years in the making, of the tyranny of the drug cartels in Mexico.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Painstakingly reported and propulsively written, this is nearly impossible to put down.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“This vivid, disturbing story will appeal to readers interested in drug cartels and true crime.”—Booklist


Fear Is Just a Word: A Missing Daughter, a Violent Cartel, and a Mother's Quest for Vengeance