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Chen Hong-Yu

Graduated from University in London with a MA in illustration, Chen was once an assistant at a TV show by chance, and also an assistant who pull an all-nighter for animation production. After all the experiences, eventually she returns to illustration with full dedication. Currently lives in the scorching southland, scrambling to continue her illustration work and her parenting lives.


The brand-new fun piece from Hong-Yu Chen, the Slashie of Animator and Illustrator. Made up of 40% losing-it, 30% fun, and 30% warm heart, for all the dumbfounding fathers and mothers on their journey of parenthood. “Mom! Mommmm!” The little girl is calling out for her mom, ready to show her the skills she newly unlocked. She can play toys on her own, eat on her own, draw a pretty picture on her way, and she can shower on her own too! This is a diary that makes the national wide Face-Palm parents TAKE A DEEP BREATH, and an illustrated book that people would share a knowing smile.
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