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Yiting Lee

A children’s book author and illustrator from Taiwan. Based in the UK since 2020. Graduated with a MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art and started her career as a freelance illustrator. She mainly uses watercolor, color pencils and collage. She is good at creating lively character, and putting them into her whimsical stories.


Today is another busy day! Chef Kangaroo is preparing the delicious and nutritious lunch in the zoo kitchen.    “Ideal Diner” has all the food you ask for. It is okey even if there is not! Chef Kangaroo can make anything. Beavers order the “Jumbo Log Bread”. Chef Kangaroo says no problems and presents the hevenlt-smelled Log Bread to the beavers in the blink of an eye. But…when there are more and more customers, can Chef Kangaroo continue to bring the delicacies to the table? Chef says, no problem at all!    However, when all the customers are enjoying their appetizing lunch, Chef Kangaroo notices the little Pangolin, Dun-Dun, at the corner. Dun-Dun whispers what he wants to eat to the chef…What will it be? 
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