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Huang Yi Wen

Huang Yi Wen is a distinguished, award-winning author and illustrator from Taiwan. She graduated from Chung Yuan University with a BA in Commercial Design. She is especially skilled at mixed media, and enjoys weaving stories fit for both children and adults. Once Upon a Time, A Train Arrives in Our Island was selected to exhibit at the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition, and has won the literary prize from the National Human Rights  Museum.


An award-winning children’s book selected for the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition.  Rghts sold: Korean A humane, sentimental, and lively depiction of a part of history that has long been overlooked.   One day, a dark, enormous train steers its way into the island. It declares its presence and promises all the islanders that it will enrich their lives––as long as the islanders obey the rules.   Some islanders were welcoming, while some were indifferent, and for those who disagreed, grouped together, read books, and thought otherwise about the train being almighty––they were taken on the train, away from home. What are the rules established by the train, and where did my brave father, and the rest of the people go, after they boarded the train that promised us so much?   Huang Yi Wen’s drawings successfully render deep emotions and scattering of memories through shapes, line tracing, as well as bold and rich usage of colors. The contrast of colors brings us to the depth of historical complication, to experience the fear, the journey of Taiwan’s past in full immersion.
Rghts sold: Korean - The original works will be exhibited in ITABASHI ART MUSEUM in Japan!   “I can’t wait to see my favorite animal elephant tomorrow!” the little boy, Mao, was excited about the trip. The next day, he wore his favorite hat and brought his yo-yo, with his parents, they went to the Zoo.    The Zoo was crowded with visitors, they decided to start from where less visitors. It was Grey Wolf. After finished counting the number of Grey Wolf, they were about to leave. Mao suddenly noticed that “a Grey Wolf seems disappear!” This distracted Mao, even his favorite elephant could not keep him concentrated.  There were so many signs showing something strange going on.  Mao tried to explain to his parents but they did not listen.  All of a sudden, a big, dark grey reflection showed from the water and terrified Mao.    Mao ran away and got lost in the Zoo.  An old lady in cloak came to Mao, Mao realized that this old lady was in fact…!              
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