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Fanyu, born in 1987, lives in Taichung. Her life is a cycle of writing, walking, painting, cooking, reading, while balancing her multiple identities. She falls in love with a city easily and possesses a frankness to let the whole world know what she likes. She weaves the nourishments from her travels into a graphic diary and is the author of several illustrated books.


* Winner of the 45th Golden Tripod Awards * Most anticipated novelist under 45   At an age of fine dining and Michelin restaurants, join us on a tasting trip to the old streets of Taichung and explore the culinary history of street delicacies.    A planned new city built under Japanese colonial rule (1895-1945), Taichung is a city of immigrants who embrace creativity and new things. It is where the food culture of the north meets with the south, bringing together the city’s resources and creativity to give traditional food a modern twist.    Grab this book and embark on a journey to the oldest restaurants, bakeries, and food stands of Taichung. There is something savory, like Taichung’s specialty dish Hezuo Street Noodle Soup. There is something sweet, like the century-old Chinese pastry store Yi Xiang Zhai. For hot food, there is Arirang Mini Hot Pot that fuses Korean stone pot with Taiwanese cooking techniques. For something cold, Kuo’s Shaved Ice exemplifies Taiwanese’s preference for new flavors and variety. If you’d like to know about Taiwanese nostalgia, read and try Chen's Milk King’s sugared, Milkmarrine toast and papaya milk. If you find authentic Taiwanese cuisine fascinating, take a look and bite of Li Hai’s braised pork rice.    Written by a historical novelist, Yang, Shuang-Zi, Dig In! Old Taichung is not a travel guide but a guide to the authentic lives of the people of Taichung. It is not just about the taste of food but also about history, about the essence of street food, about the taste of an era, and about finding aesthetics among the hustle and bustle of the city. This is an invitation to read the food and taste the history of Taichung – and you are all invited!  
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