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Kathy Lam

Kathy Lam (黑山), born in Hong Kong, graduated from University of Brighton with a degree in Illustration. She mainly illustrates animals with a style expressed with bold yet exquisite brushstrokes. She has worked with Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, N.I.P DISTILLING: Hong Kong Spirit and Hang Seng Bank and held solo and group exhibitions in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Her favorite painting mediums are pencil and gouache. She makes models or play games when she doesn’t want to paint. Instagram: dawning_crow


Rights sold: Japanese, Korean, Thai, French, Italian   For all the striving employees out there…   3-year-old, female, white with grayish-brown spots, with a cuddly face and pink little paws, Mobu has all her needs and wants taken care of her by her owner, but Mobu doesn’t want to be a pampered kitty anymore. Even though she’s scared of strangers and is extremely shy, Mobu puts down “loves spending time with humans” on her resume and is determined on taking her first step towards independence. She will get a job at a cat café and work for a living!   But before that... a little nap never hurt anyone.    
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