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Shao-Hsien Liang

Shao-Hsien Liang (梁紹先), born in 1975, graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, retired as a major. Using the pen name LSS, he studied at a military academy in 1999 and won the National Newcomer Award for Comics at the Daren Awards with "The Coldest Summer - Gateway to Heaven." During his military service, his works were serialized in the military magazines such as "Struggle Monthly," "Youth Daily," and "Light of Victory," earning him the title of "the comic artist in military uniform." Recognized by the Ministry of National Defense, he contributed to the creation of the "Defense Report Comic Edition," assisting in the promotion of "national defense for all." His work "Western Pacific War” has been continuously serialized since 2018, making him a popular creator both in the military and in the comics and fanzine community.


What if China invades Taiwan for real? The first graphic novel based on the backdrop of the Taiwan Strait War.  The author’s military background makes his work more relevant to the real-world situation.   Attention please! Everything said in here has nothing to do with the real world, but may very well happen one day. The US-China trade war has resulted in mutual losses and has created systemic risks globally.  The foreign capitals are withdrawing from China, leading to a slowdown in economic growth and the emergence rising unemployment, social issues, and fluctuating public sentiment. Beijing is employing various methods for stability maintenance, including promoting nationalist sentiments, enhancing unity among the populace and consolidating public morale. Chinese citizens attribute all responsibility for provoking the trade war to the United States, which in turn has led to an increased attachment to their traditional territories and disputed areas, forming a national objective that must be resolved in the short term.   Beijing is preparing for an invasion of Taiwan. But there are no signs of preparation for war in Taipei. Grassroots are extremely anxious and expressing concerns to their superiors, yet the top brass repeatedly hinders wartime preparation. The media stirs the pot, and the public sentiment is anxious and fluctuating, protests and demonstrations are widespread, and then horrific acts of violence tear through the streets of Taipei. The spark in the Western Pacific ignites, and the war is no longer distant.    The author has transformed the military simulations frequently seen in the media in to a comic format: When the Western Pacific is in conflict, what kind of situation will it be?   Size: 18.5 x 26 cm    
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