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Sun Jun


Rights Sold: Simplified Chinese, Korean, French   Winner of Bologna Ragazzi Award 2023, Comic-Early Reader!   A long sock dropped from upstairs to the ground floor of a condo where many animals lived. A little cat went up to every floor, trying to find the owner of the sock, but every animal he asked had a foot shape which the sock did not fit. When getting to the top floor, he finally found the owner: a snake wearing a similar sock!   What the jury said: Whose Sock? adapts the repetition and variation of a classic early reader narrative to the comic book format with immaculate precision as a small black cat searches for the owner of an unusual yellow sock. A journey from floor to floor of an apartment building crowded with a humorous menagerie of anthropomorphic characters that represent the diversity of urban communities. The book itself overflows with gags and graphic inventions that make for rich reading and rereading even as the main character pursues his objective. Sun Jun makes excellent use limited color throughout. Because of all these qualities and more, the jury chose this work as the winner of the BRAW Comics for early readers.    
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