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Chih-Yu Liu

Sugar free and translucent. Wears her wedding ring on her index finger and has a bird perched on her shoulder. Wanted to become a fairy but ultimately failed. Her mid-life crisis is not being sophisticated but also not innocent. 


Liu completed her master degree in Creative Writing and English Literature at National Dong Hwa University. She has written several fantasy novels and used to love writing stories and believed she could write them. But her passions and belief were destroyed. The Goddess Buffet is a work of rehabilitation. 


This is not entirely a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is a tragedy.   The Goddess Buffet is one of the most talked-about books in Taiwan in 2020. It has had an enormous impact and has compelled society to reconsider the bitter truth of gender equality. Novelist Liu Chih-yu observed that women, in their daily lives, are still trapped in a bitter prison, constructed unconsciously or intentionally by men, or even by other women. Liu Chih-yu shattered the sugarcoated illusion of gender equality with compelling storytelling.   In these stories, you will find real women exhaustedly trying to survive: a woman must confront her classmate who molested her during her school years at a reunion party; a mother witnesses sexual harassment on the train and ponders the strategy to rescue the young victim; a middle-aged feminist professor is worried because she doesn’t know what to do if others find out about her affair with a 20-year-old student; a goddess who has lived for more than a thousand years but cannot escape being a victim of date rape; there are other women in the stories who might remind you of a friend in real life struggling with similar problems.   The Goddess Buffet will lead you into a malicious world where you may not realize you have already played a part in it. A book that encourages hope and change.   Includes the following short stories: “Class Reunion”, “F**k Christine”, “Chang’e Regrets”, “Someone Else’s Child”, “Islet in the River”, “Instruction Manuels for Lychees”, “The Goddess Buffet”, “Dreams of the Train”  
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