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A young boy types into a search engine: THE EDGE OF THE WORLD. It is there that he decides to go. With his bag on his back and map in his hand, he jumps into a taxi headed for the bus station. In the night, the taxi collides head-on with a mysterious humanoid creature. Its face was covered with eyes. The young boy had never seen anything like this. As the driver gets off eagerly to harvest the creature, he explains that it is an endangered species highly prized for its eyes as rare camera lenses, its blood is delicious like milk tea, and its flesh is as tender as Matsusaka beef…
In Huwei, central Taiwan, a military family settlement sees successive waves of residents arrive, hoping to find a place to call home. What none suspect is that their dreams are intimately tied to the ghosts of WWII and martial law that still haunt the area. Constructed on the site of a former Japanese air force base, the Huwei military family settlement housed Nationalist soldiers and their dependents who retreated to Taiwan in 1949. The four tales in this graphic novel move through various periods of time, weaving together the lives of the residents of Huwei with the voices of ghosts from the past, thereby addressing the complex history of the Americans, Japanese, mainland Chinese, and local Taiwanese who have all left their mark there.
Four Clear Days in Early Summer
For all the striving employees out there… 3-year-old, female, white with grayish-brown spots, with a cuddly face and pink little paws, Mobu has all her needs and wants taken care of her by her owner, but Mobu doesn’t want to be a pampered kitty anymore. Even though she’s scared of strangers and is extremely shy, Mobu puts down “loves spending time with humans” on her resume and is determined on taking her first step towards independence. She will get a job at a cat café and work for a living!
Mobu’s Diary
What if China invades Taiwan for real? The first graphic novel based on the backdrop of the Taiwan Strait War. The author’s military background makes his work more relevant to the real-world situation.
Western Pacific War: The Invasion of Taiwan
Tsuan-Ti Chen was born in a small town in central Taiwan during Japanese rule (1895 – 1945). He studied in Japan to become a doctor and was drafted to fight in South-East Asia for Japan in World War II. When his ship was sunk by enemy fire, he was sent to Saigon where he experienced personal pain and the fragility of life in the brutal realities of war. Miraculously, he survived and made his way back home but things were far from peaceful. Two years after the war, he was selected as one of the leaders to defend his town against the nationalist government’s violent suppression of 228 Incident. Between his personal calling and his family and friends, which should he choose to sacrifice? The Man Returning from Afar portrays how a generation of Taiwanese choose their path of life in a time of turmoil.
1947, The Man Returning from Afar
Book 1 Dates: 2022/07/22 Pages: 192
The Making of Little Financial Expert series
My son was my “laboratory mouse”! When smallpox threatened the world, people tried everything to fight it and Dr. Edward Jenner was one of them. He discovered that people who had cowpox wouldn’t get smallpox! He needed more cases to prove it so he needed a few “laboratory mice” (in this case it’s human)…. And he even made his son to be one of the “mice”!
厲害了, 我的生物
Rights sold: simplified Chinese Selected in recommended books from Taiwan in Guadalajara Book Fair (2021), Bologna Children’s Book Fair (2022) and Frankfurt Book Fair (2022)
OMG! I Get Bizarre Knowledge of Biology!
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