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Rights sold: World English, Spanish, French, Swedish This story is an adaptation of literature Nobel laureate Mo Yan’s short novel ‘Da Feng’. In order to supplement the family income, a young boy, Star, wakes up before dawn and goes with his grandfather to the meadow a few miles away to cut the thatch there. After a day’s hard work, his grandfather has cut enough grass to fill a cart. But on the way back home that evening, Star and his grandpa run into a violent gale. They fight against the gale, but eventually the force of the wind blows the cart clean of all its grass, leaving only one blade left stuck by the axle. Star picks it up and throws it into the twilight.
The Gale
In Gagabe Forest, even a gentle breeze has to be careful passing through. The forest is home to creatures so set in their ways, you couldn’t imagine. Sensitive and old-fashioned, they live lives where everything stays the same.
The Disobedient Stone
Selected for the Illustrators Exhibition at the 2018 Bologna Children’s Book Fair This book depicts the story of AHO, hippopotamus who lives in a cage inside a zoo and imagines going to explore the world with a boy.
Winner of 2021 Ragazzi Award in Fiction! Rights sold: simplified Chinese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), world English “The pandemic has highlighted that home - whether we have one or not- is the most important place on earth. Lin Lian-En’s much-needed book Home is an exquisitely produced poetic consideration of space. From the rounded corners of the book to the cardboard covers and thoughtful understated use of endpapers, the book makes full use of material elements to create an inviting rich space that can be revisited endlessly… just like home. “ — Jury of Ragazzi Award
“I am a tree that glows. One day, you may also be glowing on my branches. At that time, what day would you like to stay on? Could it be – every day?” Life is made of countless perfect and imperfect moments. We can’t decide people we may encounter and things that may happen, but we may decide what kind of mood to face the highs and lows of life. It is always yourself to decides whether you are happy or not.
The Glowing Tree
Giraffe is the first one noticing the moon looks differently today, wondering as if he has seen the moon somewhere before. He keeps thinking and thinking but can never recalls. No, no, his head is becoming hot the more he thinks. What does the moon today look like? Everyone is offering Giraffe with special remedies to ease the fever. Will Giraffe ever find the answer? Trival things trouble us and usually make our heads spin. Fortunately, there’s always someone out there giving us a hand. Everyone tries a little bit to help, so the head stop spinning. What troubles us is no longer a trouble.
The Moon Today
Rights sold: France, Switzerland, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Russia, Tunisia, India, Britain, Pakistan. Picked as a top Children's Book in Translation you should know about by International Committee of Children's Literature Association (ChLA), Huang Beija’s I Want To Be Good was an instant classic and huge bestseller in China selling over 5 million copies since publication in 1996.
I Want To Be Good
Rights sold: Korean ★ The best picture book for teaching children to share and discussing the idea of fairness.
Mother Hippo Shares the Muffins
A blue elephant who is waiting for his mom to pick him up after school, when he is waiting, the imagination is a superpower to transfer the waiting time to wonderful time. He helped the delivery guy send a package along the most dangerous Alligator Boulevard; He climbed trees with the cat and he got 6 fish…until he learned how to be a silent mountain, finally, his mom is here!
When I Was Waiting for My Mom
A story of proper farewell, adapted from the author’s true experiences with her dog Bibi. What would you do if you have a second chance to say goodbye?
A Practice of Saying Goodbye
Sold over 200,000 copies in Taiwan and over one million copies in China! Rights sold: Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Russian, Polish
Fang Si-Chi’s First Love Paradise
The little girl was waiting for the bus home in the torrential rain. The bus did not keep her waiting, but there came a cat-faced bus. The little girl thought, "Will arrive anyway!" , so she got in the bus. The cat-faced bus only went wherever it likes to go; first it jumped around the riverbank, then it stopped and sat on the lawn, and ran into the forest…The little girl just thought, “Will arrive anyway!” and kept sitting in the bus. The cat-faced bus would keep its passenger informed, “I have caught a fish!” “I have my face washed!” The cat-faced bus accidentally hit a tree, “the next bus will come in 81 minutes, I want to take a nap while waiting.” The little girl got off the bus and walked back home, “Will arrive anyway!”
Will Arrive Anyway!
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