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出版 : William Morrow, 2022 年 6 月 14 日
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Even when we lose it all, we find the strength to rebuild.


霏霏(Felicia “Fe Fe” Stevens)與她深愛的母親和她崇拜的哥哥一起生活在芝加哥羅伯泰勒住宅的4950號樓中。現在是1999年的夏天,她們所住的高樓即將被芝加哥房屋管理局拆除。她與熱誠的布朗(Precious Brown)和黑幫惡徒女王(Disciple Queen-Pin)的女兒布坎南(Stacia Buchanan)組成了暫時性的三人組,並在短時間內為自己開闢了交互花式跳繩的遊戲和純真的簡單生活。但是,當霏霏帶來神秘的新朋友東雅(Tonya)加入她們的圈子時,情況開始發生變化,這四個女孩的生活都發生了翻天覆地的轉變。




《芝加哥街道的最後夏日》探討了在種族議題背景下建立連結的風險,處女作作家托亞·沃爾夫(Toya Wolfe)將懲罰和維持優雅的時刻交織在一起,創造了一個定義時代的故事,一個人如何在歷史和自我中找到一個家。



在芝加哥南區的羅伯泰勒住宅(Robert Taylor Homes)長大。她在芝加哥哥倫比亞學院獲得了創意寫作的碩士學位。她的作品見於《非洲之聲》(African Voices)、《芝加哥雜誌》(Chicago Journal)、《芝加哥讀者》(Chicago Reader)、《Hair Trigger 27》和《WarpLand》。她是Zora Neale Hurston-Bessie Head Fiction Award、Union League Civic & Arts Foundation Short Story Competition和Betty Shifflet/John Schultz短篇小說獎的獲獎者。她目前居住在芝加哥。《芝加哥街道的最後夏日》是她的處女作。


“First-time novelist Wolfe writes with lacerating precision and authenticity…. In a fictional counterpart to Dawn Turner’s memoir, Three Girls from Bronzeville, Wolfe’s deeply compelling characters, sharply wrought settings, and tightly choreographed plot create a concentrated, significant, and unforgettable tale of family, home, racism, trauma, compassion, and transcendence.” — Booklist (starred review)


“Wolfe’s arresting and atmospheric narrative comes fully realized. This is a gut punch.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)


“Wolfe has written a bittersweet coming-of-age novel set in building 4950 [of the Robert Taylor Homes] in the summer of 1999... A complex and compassionate look at the friends and families, relationships and resistance that existed in that long-gone but not forgotten time and place.” — Chicago Magazine


“Toya Wolfe is a storyteller of the highest order—a wise and compassionate chronicler of girlhood, of Chicago, and of the things that make us human. Last Summer on State Street is a stunning debut.”  — Rebecca Makkai, New York Times bestselling author of The Great Believers


“Last Summer on State Street is a triumph, a beautiful ode to the humanity, complexity, and compassion of people in a community too often defined by pathologies. You will root for the brave and surefooted Felicia, Precious, Stacia, and Tonya, as well as their families—all striving amid the rubble. What a lovely debut told with warmth, grace, and a piercing affection.” — Dawn Turner, author of Three Girls from Bronzeville


“Last Summer on State Street is a love letter to girlhood, the tenuous bonds of friendship, and the places we call home. As a daughter of Chicago's South Side, this novel took me inside a community I just passed by, but didn't truly see. Wolfe dazzles in this intimate portrait of race, grief, and the times in our lives that shape who we become.”   — Nancy Johnson, author of The Kindest Lie


“Last Summer on State Street is a beautifully observed portrait of family and female friendship. Toya Wolfe is a marvelous writer; her deft storytelling and keen understanding makes her debut novel a great pleasure to read.” — Audrey Niffenegger, New York Times bestselling author of The Time Traveler’s Wife


“Last Summer on State Street is an ode to Black girls who are often forgotten. Toya Wolfe tells a compelling, warm, and funny story about a group of girls growing up in a Chicago public housing development. Wolfe delves into their lives with tenderness and care. Despite how outsiders may see their community, Wolfe lets us in to see the girls’ innocence—and their struggles.”  — Natalie Y. Moore, author of The Billboard


“I can’t stop thinking of Toya Wolfe’s novel Last Summer on State Street. Filled with both tenderness and tragedy, this moving tale of friendship and family pulls us into a corner of America too long neglected and scorned. Wolfe writes with such grace and such restraint, I felt like I was sitting on the front porch listening to a story told by a friend. What a spectacular debut.” — Alex Kotlowitz, author of An American Summer


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