The Heroine with 1001 Faces


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數十年以來喬瑟夫.坎伯的經典作品《千面英雄》(THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES)從神話與宗教故事得出一套跨文化的英雄原型,這些男性的英雄們尋找榮耀或是永生不死,成為好萊塢電影的拍攝靈感,許多英雄電影都是以男性為中心,透過追尋的旅程討論人類的基本問題: 自我認同、善惡、人生意義等等。


然而這個世界不是只有男性的英雄所構成,童話與民俗傳說學者瑪利亞·塔塔爾在新書《千面女英雄》(The Heroine with 1,001 Faces by Maria Tatar)中探討沒有武器或是被社會斷絕教育的女英雄是如何義無反顧的執行她們的正義任務。從流傳下來的藝術與傳說,我們看到女英雄展現出來的大膽、好奇心與人性關懷,她們努力掙扎生存、改變主流的文化。羅馬詩人奧維德在《變形記》(Metamorphoses)寫到希臘神話菲洛美拉(Philomela)如何被姐夫強暴與割掉舌頭,雖然口不能言但是菲洛美拉把她悲慘的遭遇編織出來,輾轉她的姐姐發現她丈夫的暴行,決定殺子替妹妹復仇。瑞典作家史迪格·拉森在他經典小說《龍紋身的女孩》(The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)中則是形塑一位特立獨行的女英雄莉絲·莎蘭德(Lisbeth Salander),全身刺青穿環幫忙追補連環殺手的電腦駭客。《千面女英雄》帶領讀者從古至今重新認識這些各具特色值得我們敬佩的女英雄們。



瑪利亞·塔塔爾(Maria Tatar)是世界知名的童話與民俗傳說學者,目前是哈佛大學資深研究員與John L. Loeb研究教授。瑪利亞·塔塔爾是諾頓The Classic Fairy Tales與The Annotated Brothers Grimm兩本書的編輯。目前住在美國麻州劍橋。


"She is stirring what J.R.R. Tolkien once called the 'cauldron of story' in search of the girls and women, some silenced and some forgotten, some from the Iliad and some from Netflix, who live in Campbell’s blind spot. The reader jumps from Arachne’s battle with Athena to the escape of Bluebeard’s trickster wife to Pippi Longstocking and Nancy Drew and even to Carrie Bradshaw typing away on her laptop."
― Gal Beckerman, New York Times Book Review

"From Penelope and Pandora to Katniss Everdeen and Lisbeth Salander, the ‘hero's journey’ gets a much-needed makeover... Starting with Greek mythology and Scheherezade and moving through the centuries all the way to the Game of Thrones series and The Queen's Gambit, Tatar incisively explores women's reinvention of heroism to embrace empathy, compassion, and care, often to pursue social justice... The book really takes off when it gets to contemporary culture, particularly in a section that identifies a female version of the ‘trickster’ archetype in Everdeen and Salander. Of this lineage, among the shared interesting traits not traditionally associated with women characters is a prodigious appetite... As Wonder Woman might say, Suffering Sappho! This book is fascinating, fun, and consistently enlightening."
― Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"More than a rebuttal to Joseph Campbell’s seminal text The Hero with A Thousand Faces, Tatar’s book offers the infinite experiences of women.... Engaging with the works of Margaret Atwood, Angela Carter, Toni Morrison, Anne Sexton, and many others, Tatar explores the historical and textual difficulties of having a voice.... A necessary and compelling read for scholars, activists, and storytellers interested in inclusive revisions to the hero’s canon."
― Asa Drake, Library Journal, starred review

"Rewarding.... Tatar defines a version of heroism that 'is driven... by attentive care, an affect that is triggered by openness to the world'... The overarching conversational tone and modern-day relevance give the book color [and] arguments are well supported with plenty of examples pulled from all corners of literature."
― Publishers Weekly


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The Heroine with 1001 Faces