The Split: A Novel


類別 : 驚悚懸疑
頁數 : 288
出版 : Atria/Emily Bestler Books, 2024 年 12 月 13 日
版本 : 精裝版
版權窗口 : 繁體博達代理Mengying / 简体博達代理Mengying


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“看到兩種敘述相互碰撞和分歧真是太有趣了!” — 《紐約時報》書評

“雙重懸念…… 《分裂》是一說故事的壯舉。” —賴利·薩格(Riley Sager),《紐約時報》暢銷書作家

“在基特·弗里克的這部巧妙的家庭驚悚片中,一個分裂的決定在巧妙的情節中走上了兩條曲折的道路。角色從書頁中躍出,家庭失能的感覺既複雜又根深蒂固” —溫蒂·沃克(Wendy Walker),暢銷書作者






《分裂》(The Split)以歡快的節奏和令人震驚的曲折,引人入勝地探索了我們對自己所愛的人知之甚少,以及一個小小的選擇如何改變一切。


基特.弗里克(Kit Frick) 是麥克道爾研究員和詩人,她也是多本廣受好評的YA小說的作者,其中包括B&N 圖書俱樂部精選《我殺死了佐伊·斯帕諾斯》(I KILLED ZOE SPANOS),該小說入圍2021 年ITW 驚悚片獎決賽。 她的作品曾在《娛樂周刊》、《人物》、《Bustle》、《Buzzfeed》、《Refinery 29》和《Parade》等雜誌上發表。 《分裂》是她的首部成人小說。


"Should she stay or should she go? In each scenario, Frick slowly ratchets up the suspense . . . it's great fun to watch her two narratives collide and diverge." ― The New York Times Book Review


"Double the suspense! THE SPLIT is both funhouse mirror and storytelling feat, with twin narratives that race each other to a satisfying — and shocking — conclusion." -- Riley Sager, New York Times bestselling author of THE ONLY ONE LEFT


"In this clever domestic thriller by Kit Frick, one split decision takes two twisty paths in a crafty sliding doors plot. The characters leap from the pages and the family dysfunction feels both complex and grounded. A highly relatable and page-turning read!" -- Wendy Walker, bestselling author of WHAT REMAINS


"Aknotty Sliding Doors–esque thriller about two sisters who share a dark secret. . . Frick keeps readers deliriously off-balance, tossing out just enough breadcrumbs to make the truth seem obvious only in hindsight. The format gives new life to the unreliable narrator trope. This is an exhilarating puzzle." ― Publishers Weekly (starred review)


"Frick’s family drama uses its clever framing device to trace the very real mysteries imbedded in our oldest and most intimate relationships." ― Elle, "Best Mysteries and Thrillers of 2024"


"Utterly absorbing and compulsively readable, THE SPLIT is a clever Sliding Doors-style thriller that brilliantly examines how a single decision can derail an entire life. At once an intriguing puzzle threaded with secrets and lies, and a compelling family drama exploring the complicated bonds of sisterhood, THE SPLIT is a novel you won't be able to put down -- or forget." -- Kathleen Barber, author of Truth Be Told (adapted as an Apple TV+ series) and Follow Me


"A masterfully crafted, inventive thriller that surprises at every turn. THE SPLIT is unlike anything I've ever read before." -- Kara Thomas, author of OUT OF THE ASHES and THAT WEEKEND


"An edge-of-your-seat suspense tale about sisters and secrets. . . . Frick leaves readers breathless." ― Booklist


"In a taut thriller with two timelines, both are packed with clever twists. . . . Frick skillfully builds details into one plot that morph into something shockingly different in the other. The prose is streamlined, the pace headlong, and the surprises satisfying on both sides of reality." ― Kirkus Reviews


"The only thing better than one mystery is TWO!" ― Goodreads, "Editors' Most Anticipated Books"


The Split: A Novel