Crossings: How Road Ecology Is Shaping the Future of Our Planet

路死誰守: 你我行走的馬路所帶來的生態衝擊

類別 : 大眾科普
頁數 : 384
出版 : W. W. Norton & Company , 2023 年 9 月 12 日
版本 : 精裝版
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《路死誰守: 你我行走的馬路所帶來的生態衝擊》是一本由生態作家班·戈德法布 (Ben Goldfarb)撰寫的書,探討了道路對我們星球的影響。儘管地球上有著約4億英里的道路環繞著,但我們往往只把它們視為人類方便的基礎設施。


然而,對野生動物來說,道路則是完全陌生的死亡和破壞力量。在《路死誰守: 你我行走的馬路所帶來的生態衝擊》中,班·戈德法布環遊美國和世界各地,調查了道路如何改變了我們的地球。光是在美國,每天就有100萬隻動物被汽車撞死,但正如新興的道路生態學所顯示的那樣,公路的危害遠不止於此。從羚羊到鮭魚,各種生物失去了遷徙尋找食物和伴侶的能力;外來植物借輪胎踏板而傳播;道路污染湖泊和河流;交通噪音驅趕了大片棲息地的鳥類。




如今,隨著我們地球的道路網絡不斷擴張,道路生態的科學變得越來越重要。《路死誰守: 你我行走的馬路所帶來的生態衝擊》是一部關於人類如何改變自然界的及時調查,以及我們如何為所有生物創造更美好的未來。











班·戈德法布(Ben Goldfarb)是《渴望:河狸意外的秘密生活以及它們的重要性》(暫譯)( Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter)的作者,該書獲得了PEN/E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award獎。他的文章出現在《大西洋》、《國家地理》、《紐約時報》等眾多出版物中,並被收錄在《最佳美國科學與自然寫作》中。現居住在科羅拉多。


"Ben Goldfarb is the kind of gonzo environmental journalist Hunter S. Thompson would have loved. Crossings, his meditation on the ecological devastation roads and highways inflict―and on the very clever responses from humans and other creatures that road life demands―is an absolute shining star of a book. Modernity and the mobility all we Earth animals require is never going to look the same again."
― Dan Flores, best-selling author of Coyote America and Wild New World


"A tour de force. Ben Goldfarb has done a masterful job of helping us see the world from the vantage point of all the life that must somehow cope with these alien landforms―and of suggesting how we might lessen the remarkable toll they take."
― Bill McKibben, co-founder of


"A brilliantly panoptic look at our planet’s sprawling network of roads: what’s wrong with them, how they got that way, and how they could be set right. Precise in detail but vast in scale, Goldfarb’s storytelling carries echoes of Michael Pollan and John McPhee, but with a wry humor that is uniquely his own."
― Robert Moor, best-selling author of On Trails


"Ben Goldfarb approaches our fellow animals with delighted curiosity and rare perception. A deeply researched, wonderfully vivid, and genuinely hopeful book."
― Michelle Nijhuis, author of Beloved Beasts


"Like some David Attenborough of the asphalt, Ben Goldfarb has written a fascinating guide to understanding the wilder side of roads, both symbols of freedom and harbingers of unnatural selection."
― Tom Vanderbilt, best-selling author of Traffic


"A truly important and landmark book on a subject whose full impacts continue to be disregarded or underestimated in considering conservation efforts. Crossings is a moving, compassionate, and indispensable guide to navigating the issue of wildlife survival―and our own."
― Jeff VanderMeer, best-selling author of the Southern Reach Trilogy


"Crossings, Ben Goldfarb’s impassioned quest to understand the ecology of roads and its impact on the natural world, is a marvel. The reader learns something new on every page, disturbed and amazed in equal measure. Goldfarb moves us briskly along the manipulated ecosystem of the highway, with vivid, evocative pitstops for environmental history, ecology, and the built environment. With 15 million additional miles of road scheduled to be built over the globe in the near future, the time for this book is now. Crossings adds a new perspective to conversations on how humans have reshaped life on earth."
― The Whiting Award Judges' Citation

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路死誰守: 你我行走的馬路所帶來的生態衝擊

Crossings: How Road Ecology Is Shaping the Future of Our Planet

路死誰守: 你我行走的馬路所帶來的生態衝擊