America Fantastica: A Novel


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出版 : Mariner Books, 2023 年 10 月 24 日
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**以《Going After Cacciato》獲美國國家圖書獎、《負重》入圍普立茲最終名單作者提姆.奧布萊恩睽違20年的全新長篇小說。





2019年八月的星期六早上11點34分,Boyd Halverson大步走入位於北加州的一間社區銀行。


。」Boyd一邊回話,一邊掏出一把.38 Special左輪手槍。
銀行行員Angie Bing趕忙湊攏81,000美金。


曾是明星記者,後來成為散播假新聞的酸民,最後淪為連鎖百貨商店經理的Boyd Halverson與異常亢奮的Angie Bing就這樣踏上了冒險旅程。遭不堪的過去煩擾且對現在生活感到疲憊的Boyd只有一個目標:跟毀了他人生的那個人算清舊帳。兩人的漫遊之旅一路從墨西哥橫越北美到美中西部的湖邊別墅,一路上遇見了殺手、吃醋的情人、前科犯、女繼承人、航運業大亨、三度駐伊拉克退伍老兵,還有Boyd的複雜過去的舊識。他們似乎遇到了所有人,除了員警。




提姆.奧布萊恩以《Going After Cacciato》獲美國國家圖書獎。他的《負重》則同時入圍普立茲獎及美國國家書評人協會獎最終名單,並獲Chicago Tribune Heartland Award小說獎與法國Prix du Meilleur Livre Étranger小說獎。2005年,《負重》被紐約時報評列為20世紀最後25年間最佳22部小說之一。1994年出版的《鬱林湖失蹤紀事》被Time時代雜誌選為該年度最佳小說,以及紐約時報該年度最佳十部小說之一,並獲得美國James Fenimore Cooper Prize。他也曾獲得Katherine Anne Porter Award(2010年)、Dayton Peace Prize Foundation的Richard C. Holbrooke成就獎(2012年)、Pritzker Military Library的終身成就獎(2013年)。奧布萊恩也被選為American Academy of Arts and Letters and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences的成員。


'Tin O'Brien is one American author whose works I look forward to the most. His new novel’s ironic depiction of a post-Iraq War, mid-COVID, and mid-Trump world is piercing and razor-sharp.' — Haruki Murakami


“Tim O’Brien is one of our greatest storytellers, and his latest—America Fantastica—is a beauty. Steeped in acute wisdom and hilarious wisecracks, this satirical romp through the ‘mythomania’ and ‘lying contagion’ that plagues our society is also a study in one man’s broken heart and the truths that have shaped it.”
— Jill McCorkle


“A satirical romp through a country plagued by deceit. . . . There are echoes of his famous Vietnam War novel, Going After Cacciato (1977), a book built on a darkly absurd pursuit amid individual and national uncertainty. . . . It’s one of those books where you can sense the author enjoying himself and it’s fun to be along for the ride. A broadly engaging and entertaining work.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


“O’Brien’s farcical satire blends fierce social commentary and a searing indictment of our post-fact culture into a nonstop joyride.”  — Booklist


“Takes both the dark and the comic to epic proportions with simultaneous absurdism and poignancy. . . . Like The Things They CarriedAmerica Fantastica revels in detail and highly specific lists, so that the world it portrays feels robust and brimming. . . . His novel speaks of a nation that craves delusion and deception; O'Brien's profile of the 2019 United States is savage, blending satire and realism. . . . As in the earlier works for which he has long been recognized, O'Brien here demonstrates an electric combination of deadpan humor, vicious wit, and a masterful eye for detail in capturing a peculiarly American form of torment.” — Shelf Awareness


'A desperate bank robbery morphs into a cross-country chase featuring hit men, a billionaire tycoon, jealous lovers, and several ex-cons. O’Brien hands America a mirror once more.' — Goodreads, Most Anticipated Books of the Fall






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America Fantastica: A Novel