The Making of Little Financial Expert series


Category : Middle-Grade
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Publication : Global Views – Commonwealth Publishing Group
Publication : Paperback
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Book 1

Dates: 2022/07/22

Pages: 192


First step of financial management: track your spending!


10-year-old Yuyu dreamed about having her own new cellphone from the coolest brand “IFone”. Trying to buy her first “IFone” with her own money, she tried her best to manage her finances for the first time. She tried different ways to make money like doing housework to get pocket money from her parents, lending her money to her classmates to get interests, learning how to track spending from her father to find out how much money she had. She also started a flea market with her classmates and met an old man who was her benefactor and taught her the principle of business. More and more money is in her piggy bank…. Can she save enough money to get her dream “IFone”?


Through the journey of Yuyu and humorous tone of the author, young readers can learn how to manage their finances, the principle of business (such as self-management), and the most important thing in the era of AI: crisis management!


Book 2

Dates: 2022/12/05

Pages: 192


Yuyu found her business partners: Letty and Angela. They opened a company and sold welcomed products. However, they are met with a strong competitor! How should they work together and survive from this battle?


Book 3

Dates: 2023/04/27

Pages: 176


Yuyu and her classmates goes to a technology company to see the Mars Plan of AI metaverse but one of them breaks the machine! In order to compensate for the tremendous cost, they have to try new things in their business to make money like crypto currency, Mind Map, SWOT Analysis and SDG 1…,etc.


Pei-ya has degrees of Psychology and Business. She has fortunately learned many financial tips from successful businessmen worldwide while working in business. To fulfill children’s curiosity of social economic models and to strengthen and train their business minds, she was inspired to writing down her experience and combined them with children’s life experiences. She is good at finding inspiration from daily life, using them to explaining concepts of financial management and explaining complicated ideas in a simple and humorous way. 

Asta Wu is an illustrator and experiments with different ways of creation. She draws illustrations, picture books and even graphic novels. She now writes stories with her drawings. She likes stories of myths, folk tales and magic themes. She also likes cats and likes to hide them and other little surprises in her illustrations.

Facebook: Asta Wu Illustration  

Instagram: Asta Wu

The Making of Little Financial Expert series

The Making of Little Financial Expert series


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