Letters from Taipei


Category : Graphic Novels
Pages : 176
Publication : Slowork Publishing, Jun. 12 2023
Publication : Paperback
Contact : Mengying


Rights sold: German (China Books), French (Rue de l'échiquier)

English Sample Available


How do we preserve our humanity in the face of extreme political fanaticism? Fish Wu tells a captivating story of perseverance and survival that spans three generations of his family and three countries after extensively interviewing his grandmother, an elderly woman from a small town in China.


Recollecting her foggy memories Wu's grandmother brings us back to the 1950s. Her father, teaching at a private school in the village with his brother, was criticized and abused for being an intellectual and refusing to join the Land Reform Movement. The family properties were thus confiscated and destroyed.


Eventually, the brothers were forced to make a pivotal decision. One decided to stay, and the other chose to secretly immigrate to Taiwan. It was not until Taiwan’s martial law was lifted that a letter from Taipei reconnected the family.


Through the masterful sketching skill, Fish Wu carefully and gently documented three generations of a Chinese family by blue ballpoint pens. Separated across China and Taiwan, the family witnessed how fate and history repeated itself.


1 Volume (end)

160 x 230 mm

Single color

Letters from Taipei

Letters from Taipei


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