Mayfly Island


Category : Manga
Pages : 160
Publication : Slowork Publishing, Sep. 10 2020
Publication : Hardcover
Contact : Mengying


Rights sold: French (Nazca), Italian (IF)

Japan International Manga Award Bronze Prize

Namesake animation film in development


In the near future, when ecosystems on Earth are collapsing, the only paradise, Mayfly Island, is considered to be a bad omen. In this age of apocalypse, how will people see the continuation of life?


This is a prophetic graphic novel that integrates Austronesian culture with ecological catastrophe. In the near future when ecosystems on Earth are collapsing, the land is divided into citystates and small islands. People of all races live side by side in citystates; their abilities to fly and fight are vital; animals and plants are crucial bargaining chips in negotiations. A panorama of this world is presented in three chapters, which serve as the prequel to the upcoming animation film of the same title. The theme of the continuation of life is also explored through the choices made by three female characters. The exquisite sound design and rich soundtrack invoking a cinematic style.


Chapter 1. The Land of Milk and Honey

Chapter 2. Waiting for the Blooms

Chapter 3. The Song of Likat and the Island


1 Volume (end)

170x230 mm

Four colors


A graduate of the International Master of the Arts Program in Cultural and Creative Industries from Taipei National University of the Arts, her current focus is primarily on film and television. Her hope is to become an interpreter wandering cultural boundaries, an undertaker and teller of stories.

A graduate of the Master of Fine Arts Program at the University of Melbourne, he works as a professional illustrator and comic artist. From 2019, he began fully devoting himself to drawing comics while also teaching at Chung Yuan Christian University.

Rights sold

Rights sold: French (Nazca), Italian (IF)

Mayfly Island

Mayfly Island


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