Category : Graphic Novels
Pages : 184
Publication : Slowork Publishing, Dec. 10 2019
Publication : Hardcover
Contact : Mengying


Rights sold: Indonesian (KPG), simplified Chinese

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Documentary Comic Diary


This book examines the traditional role of the daughter. Pam Pam delves into the realities of adulthood that we all recognize, whether or not we're willing to admit it.


When my mother gets cancer for the second time, she asked if I would keep her company through her chemotherapy. And of course, I said yes. But how am I meant to cope with it all? Pam Pam uses a clean but comical style to portray the joys and sorrows of accompanying a loved one through an illness.


Despite the technical and medical wonders of the modern age, cancer remains one of humanity’s biggest enemies. And while we all know the patients themselves suffer, what of their loved ones, who find themselves suddenly becoming caretakers, struggling with negative emotions, drained by the demands upon them? They too face a long physical and emotional battle.


Good Friend, Cancer is a daughter’s first-hand account of her mother’s chemotherapy treatment. Finding herself now responsible for caring for her mother, she worries as she waits in the hospital that maybe her genes mean the same fate is in store for her. And she is also resentful - she has missed out on a chance to follow her dreams and travel overseas. And most of all, and most unanswerably: why her?


Graphic novelist Pam Pam’s simple style and plain strokes provide a humorous look at a harsh reality and turn misfortunes into charming tales. Over the course of 18 chapters, Pam Pam examines the traditional roles of a “daughter” and the pressures of being an adult as she portrays truths about family relationships which we all recognize - even if we cannot admit to it.


1 Volume (end)

Single color

150x150 mm


Pam Pam Liu Active as an illustrator, an independent graphic novelist and a musician, Pam Pam is also a talented animator. She often turns the dark side of life, its anger and failures, into fantastical graphic novels, but also creates true-to-life works such as Good Friend, Cancer. Her other works include A Trip to Asylum and When My Brother was a Kid. She was a resident of La Maison des Auteurs in Angoulême, France (2018-2019).




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