I Really Want to Eat a Durian


Category : Picture Books
Pages : 56
Publication : HsinYi Publications, Jan. 10 2021
Publication : Hardcover
Contact : Mengying


Rights sold: simplified Chinese, Thai, Korean, Malaysia

Little mouse had a sudden urge for durians which he had never tried before. He asked his friends what the fruit tastes like. His friends, who have never tasted the fruit neither, all gave him an imaginary, satisfactory answer. When little mouse did get the durian from the market, all his friends scattered away because of the strong and strange smell. Little mouse finally took a bite of durian and found out it's not that bad at all.


Size: 16.8 x 25.2 cm




Hsu-Kung Liu (劉旭恭) was born in Taipei in 1973. A graduate of the Civil Engineering Department at National TaiwanUniversity. He started to work in picture book illustration after taking part in the "Lucy Chen Handmade Picture BookClassroom”. He is the author and illustrator of 18 children books so far. He received an honorary mention for Hsin Yi Children’s Literature Prize in 2002 for I Really Want to Eat a Durian, winning the prize in 2006 with his book Excuse Me, Will My Feet Touch the Bottom?. His book Whose Stop Is This? (for kids 0-3 years old) won the Chen Bochui International Prize for Children’s Literature in 2014 and was subsequently selected for the 2015 and 2017 Bologna Illustrators Exhibition. His works have been selected for exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. English, Thai, Japanese, French, Swedish,Korean, and Estonian rights have been sold for some of his works.

Rights sold

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I Really Want to Eat a Durian

I Really Want to Eat a Durian


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