The Bandit Queens: A Novel


類別 : 女性小說
ISBN: 978-0593498958
頁數 : 352
出版 : Ballantine Books, 2023 年 1 月 3 日
版本 : 精裝版
版權窗口 : 繁體博達代理Mingming / 简体博達代理Mingming


☆    AMAZON 2023上半年度最佳懸疑驚悚小說選書



但是她漸漸查覺,作為一個“白手起家”的寡婦有一些令人驚訝的好處。沒有人敢惹她,沒有人敢威脅她,也沒有人試圖控制(咳咳,娶)她。這甚至對她的生意有好處; 沒有人願意冒著惹她生氣的風險挑剔她的珠寶商品。

自由對Geeta來說一定是件好事,因為村子裡的其他女人已經開始向她尋求幫助,以擺脫她們不理想的丈夫... ... 但並不是所有的女人都這樣要求。




作者Parini Shroff在美國德州大學奧斯汀分校獲得藝術碩士學位,師從Elizabeth McCracken、Alexander Chee和Cristina García。她是一名執業律師,目前住在舊金山灣區。《THE BANDIT QUEENS》是她的處女作。


“A radically feel-good story about the murder of no-good husbands by a cast of unsinkable women . . . A tale that demonstrates how the antidote to bleak circumstances is female friendship.”—New York Times Book Review

“[A] wild ride. Very funny—like, laugh-out-loud funny.”—NPR

“This funny, feel-good read is a rollicking ride rife with memorable characters involved in ill-fated hijinks. It also serves up commentary on class, power dynamics and the role of women in society, with a feminist history lesson to boot.”—Good Housekeeping

“Shroff cleverly considers how women might achieve autonomy within rural India’s patriarchal society through shrewd, if complicated, female friendships.”—The Washington Post

“This book is so much fun! In Parini Shroff’s dark comedy, the put-upon women of a small Indian village decide to get rid of their husbands—permanently. Things quickly spiral out of control as the bodies start piling up, the police get curious, and Geeta enters into a second-chance romance with a quiet widower who runs a speakeasy. And there’s a dog! What’s not to love?”—CrimeReads

“For fans of dark humor and social commentary! The book is expectantly funny, but it also tackles things like the pursuit of freedom from abuse. The characters are well thought out, and there’s great female friendship.”—BookRiot

“The Bandit Queens is an original, memorable, and endearing story. At times deeply serious, then laugh-out-loud funny, Parini Shroff has written a sobering but hopeful exploration of womanhood, social injustices, and second chances.”—Charmaine Wilkerson, New York Times bestselling author of Black Cake

“Twisty, compulsive, bold, surprising, moving: It’s a wonderful book.”—Elizabeth McCracken, bestselling author of The Souvenir Museum and The Hero of This Book

“Parini Shroff’s debut novel is a rollicking mash-up of adventure story, thriller, dark revenge, and comedy. An immensely enjoyable read!”—Cristina García, New York Times bestselling author of Dreaming in Cuban and The Lady Matador’s Hotel

“Shroff’s debut is a darkly hilarious take on gossip, caste, truth, village life, and the patriarchy. A perfect match for fans of Oyinkan Braithwaite’s My Sister, the Serial Killer and clever, subversive storytelling.”—Booklist (starred review)

“At once immensely sad . . . but it has laugh-out-loud moments too. This is a deeply human book, with women surviving and overcoming in their culture while still remaining a part of it. Similar in feel to Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri.”—Library Journal, starred review


The Bandit Queens: A Novel