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Chi-Hung Wu

Chi-Hung Wu has translated 34 picture books to Taiwan, such as The Blue Whale by Jenni Desmond, The Museum of Me by Emma Lewis, and many. He is also a pretigious children’s book reviewer in Taiwan. He published a book of introducing picture books to parents and he is the author of many picture books , Blossoms of Kshitigarbha, Peace, Will You Play with Me?, Mommy is a Cloud and The Glowing Tree. His works are often selected into Taiwan Pavilion for promoting oversea.


“I am a tree that glows. One day, you may also be glowing on my branches. At that time, what day would you like to stay on? Could it be – every day?”   Life is made of countless perfect and imperfect moments. We can’t decide people we may encounter and things that may happen, but we may decide what kind of mood to face the highs and lows of life. It is always yourself to decides whether you are happy or not.     Selected in Bologna Illustrators Exhibition, Meng-Yun Chiang chooses to use bright color to tell readers about this story about a tree and about every one of us.  We are hoping that the story may help readers accept the sorrows and happiness of life, and seize the time of life, to explore moments that worth celebrating and memorizing.        
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