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Bottle Grove
版本: 精裝240頁  2019 年 8 月 27 日  Bloomsbury Publishing出版



故事從一場婚禮開始,這場婚禮在舊金山的小瓶森林(Bottle Grove)舉行,這是一位富有的贊助者為公益事業所捐贈的。小瓶森林剛好有這間酒吧,也叫作小瓶酒吧(bottle grove bar),這裡是生活的十字路口,這裡有一片城市綠地、時髦的賓客、放蕩的青少年、酒醉的狂歡者和森林動物,大家都在這裡等待著日落。












丹尼爾‧韓德勒(Daniel Handler)最著名的小說為以筆名雷蒙‧斯尼奇(Lemony Snicket)發表的《波特賴爾大冒險》系列青少年讀物。他的第一本成人小說為The Basic Eight,起先更因為作品內容太過黑暗被許多出版社拒絕。著作還包括:All the Dirty Parts, We Are Pirates, Watch Your Mouth, Adverbs, Why We Broke Up。他畢業於衛斯理大學,妻子為插畫家Lisa Brown,目前與妻小居住在舊金山。



“Set in San Francisco during the Big Bang of tech, this taut novel sees two marriages form and mutate under the influence of greed, secrets, and income inequality. With this dark, timely comedy, Handler continues to prove himself a writer of prodigious gifts.” ―Esquire, "Most Anticipated Books of the Year"

“A hilarious tale about unlikely couples set during the San Francisco dot-com explosion. . . . Handler cleverly exposes the sinister sides of his protagonists as they clamor for what they think they deserve. Readers expecting Handler's trademark humor and bite won't be disappointed.” ―Publishers Weekly

“A drunkenly humorous blend of alcohol, entrepreneurial ambitions, and a dash of cheating . . . [Handler's] quickwitted, timely characters and offbeat but perceptive one-liners make for an intoxicating delight. . . . Funny, irreverent, and clever.” ―Booklist
“This witty book is, like San Francisco itself, simultaneously glossy and grimy, hi-tech and low-life. Daniel Handler is one of the quickest minds around, and he is clearly having a grand time here, taking the reader down a drunken path that is both dreamy and as fast-paced as a screwball comedy.” ―Emma Straub, New York Times bestselling author of MODERN LOVERS and THE VACATIONERS

“Bottle Grove is a cozy bar, a haunted forest, and a spellbinding new novel by a master of contemporary fiction. With his sly sense of humor and surpassing wisdom about the wildness that exists just below the surface of our lives, Daniel Handler has created an entrancing and very modern story that doubles as a folklore for our time. It's one of those rare novels that you really don't want to end, and you're in luck, because you can read it again.” ―Tom Drury, author of PACIFIC

“Oh lucky you to have Bottle Grove in your hands! What a funny, riveting, heartbreaking, wise and joyous read you have ahead of you! A masterpiece by Daniel Handler, one of our greatest storytellers. How I envy you.” ―Andrew Sean Greer, author of LESS, Winner of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize