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Long Black Veil: A Novel
版本: 精裝304頁  2017 年 4 月 11 日  Crown出版

★獻給唐娜.塔特(Donna Tartt)和Megan Abbott的書迷。
★紐約時報暢銷書《她不在》(She's Not There)的同志主題作者珍妮佛.芬妮.柏蘭Jennifer Finney Boylan在封筆多年之後重現江湖。

在1980年一個溫暖的八月夜晚,一行人潛入荒廢的費城東州監獄的廢墟探險。在Casey和Wailer的婚禮過後,由Tripper邀約三個大學同學:Maisie、Rachel和Quentin,加上一個德語老師、學長Herr Krystal,和Maisie十歲的弟弟Ben。這群人各個十八般武藝、潛力無窮,他們之間有鋼琴家、畫家、老師。


但是他們卻在監獄中迷了路,並且被拆散。他們逐漸獲知在他們被釋放出來之前,六人之中的其中一人必須犧牲⋯⋯並在監獄中失蹤。這場悲劇過後六個好朋友各奔西東,各自發展他們的人生。多年以後,他們卻因著一場謀殺案的指控重聚一堂,原來當年的失蹤案其實是一場殺人事件,而當年的成員Jon Casey涉嫌謀殺。

能夠為Casey作證的只有一人,他如今已化名為Judith Carrigan。






珍妮佛.芬妮.柏蘭(Jennifer Finney Boylan)著有14本書。她是哥倫比亞大學巴納德學院(Barnard College)的「安娜昆德蘭就職住校作家」,並是緬因州科爾比學院(Colby College)的特別顧問。

她自2007年起長年為《紐約時報》社論對頁版撰文,自2013年起成為此版的「定期撰稿作家」(Contributing Opinion Writer)。Boylan亦在〈金賽性、性別與生殖研究中心〉信託委員會服務。她是LGBT倡議團體〈同志抗毀謗聯盟〉(GLAAD)的國家共同首席,並且擔任多齣電視劇的顧問。

作為一個小說家、回憶錄作家,及短篇小說作者,她亦獻身公民權益的倡議。Boylan曾上過在四場歐普拉的節目《歐普拉•溫芙蕾秀》和兩場賴瑞金的節目,上過《今日秀》、ABC記者《芭芭拉華爾斯特別節目》、美國全國公共廣播電台NPR的《國家市場與談話》(Marketplace and Talk of the Nation)。她也曾被CBS新聞台《48小時》以及《歷史頻道》(The History Channel)作為紀錄片的討論主題。現於紐約市和緬因市貝爾格勒湖兩地居住。與妻子Deedie和兩個兒子Zach和Sean生活。

其他著作包含文學作品《行星,提醒我謀殺你》(Remind Me to Murder You Later The Planets)、《星座》(The Constellations)、《進入》(Getting In)、《讓你流淚》(I’ll Give You Something to Cry About)、青少年文學《Falcon Quinn》系列,以及回憶錄《她不在:兩種性別的人生》(She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders)、《我正看著你:被追擾的成長過程》( I’m Looking Through You: Growing Up Haunted)、《夾在中間:三種性別兒女教養中》(Stuck in the Middle with You: Parenthood in Three Genders)。




"An existential whodunit about living with all your selves...To the author, the prison is more than a powerful setting, it's also a powerful symbol for the closeted life she once led."
— Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review

"Jennifer FinneyBoylan’s atmospheric thriller Long Black Veil follows a travel writer tangled up in a cold case that has come back to haunt her decades later."
—Time magazine, Pick of the Month

“Long Black Veil is … character-driven like literary fiction; it deals with somber themes like murder and shifting identity, but it's suffused with comic moments; it features an ensemble cast yet extends Boylan's exploration of the deepest recesses of trans experience.”
— Vice

“Absolutely fantastic... A virtuosic mix of family drama, mystery and thriller… Long Black Veil is simply magnificent; it is masterfully written and thrilling, and full of complex characters…a pure literary delight.”
— Bookreporter

“Boylan’s gifts are all on full display, much to our benefit. Relationships are dynamic and rich; the portrayal of Judith’s journey is particularly powerful for a multitude of reasons. The narrative is laden with twists and a kinetic pacing. The words are funny and poignant and borderline addictive. And there’s a thoughtfulness throughout…. that lingers in a most effective manner…. Boylan’s latest is fast-paced and concise and exquisitely-written—a beautiful and captivating stampede.”
— Maine Edge

“Boylan’s twisty and entertaining thriller takes a hard look at questions of identity, love, and trust. Recommended for fans of Megan Abbott and Donna Tartt.”
— Library Journal

"In the tradition of Donna Tartt, Jennifer Finney Boylan has crafted a thriller that's intellectual, existential, and compulsively readable. If change is the only constant in life, how much can a person reinvent himself and still be the same? Long after the last page is turned, you will be thinking about the nature of identity, the pull of the past, and whether you can ever outrun the person you used to be.”
– JODI PICOULT, New York Times bestselling author of Small Great Things and Leaving Time

“Jennifer Finney Boylan rewards her fans with a riveting whodunit. The plot shapeshifts along with the unforgettable characters--including a woman whose family could be dismantled by her long-buried secrets. All this is rendered in Jenny's signature hilarious, wise and wise-assed prose. Bravo, Boylan, bring us another one!”
– MARY KARR, New York Times bestselling author of Liar’s Club, Lit and Cherry

“Boylan’s Long Black Veil is more than just an engrossing whodunit. It is a highly charged work of imagination, and a thriller with fully formed characters, grappling with truth and identity.”
— National Book Review

“[A] madcap thriller full of hidden identities…And embedded in the whodunit is a heartwarming midlife love story, in which hard-won candor, tenacity, and a generous sense of humor are the most saving of graces.”
— Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Boylan, who has reaped praise in recent years with memoirs exploring her transgender experience, doesn’t miss a storytelling beat in her first novel as she blends atmospheric elements of a Shirley Jackson–like haunting, a secret-laden murder tale featuring an ensemble cast, and an eye-opening glimpse of the complex choices transgender people face. This crime debut is certain to attract a genre-blurring following, but recommendations to fans of Erin Kelly’s The Poison Tree and Donna Tartt’s The Secret History are sure bets.”
— Booklist, starred review

“This is a nifty little setup for a thriller, and Boylan uses the murder mystery as a frame for interrogating our ideas about identity in ways that are both thoughtful and darkly comic. A trans woman, Boylan is best known as a memoirist and an activist, and the trans character in this novel adds a layer of intrigue and complexity…. Boylan is skilled at creating intriguing, three-dimensional characters; even those characters who prove to be inconsequential emerge as real, unique individuals…. It’s hard to stop reading as these well-crafted characters confront middle age while confronting the defining event of their youth.”
— Kirkus

"This is Jennifer Finney Boylan's best book. It's one of the most eloquent pleas for empathy and moral imagination I've ever encountered.”
— RICHARD RUSSO, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Nobody’s Fool




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