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版本: 精裝288頁  2018 年 2 月 6 日  Simon & Schuster出版

此書實際上是由兩個短篇小說組合而成:作者運用了「愚昧」和「瘋狂」兩個特質來塑造角色。「愚昧」講述的是艾莉絲(Alice)的故事,一位生逢伊拉克戰爭(Iraq War)的美國著名年輕編輯,與一位著名且年紀稍長的作家發生戀情。另一篇「瘋狂」則描述了阿瑪爾(Amar)的故事,他是一位伊拉克裔的美國人,在前往庫德斯坦(Kurdistan)拜訪兄弟的途中,卻被移民官居留在倫敦希思羅機場(Heathrow)的待機室整整一個禮拜。





莉莎·哈利迪(Lisa Halliday)從1998年到2006年任職於The Wylie Agency,負責合同監督。2009年她訪問了路易梅南(Louis Menand)、德博拉特瑞斯曼(Deborah Treisman)、亞當·高普尼克(Adam Gopnik)、路易絲格魯克(Louise Gluck)和路易斯厄德里齊(Louise Erdrich),並刊登在巴黎評論(The Paris Review)上,且持續與他們有密切的合作。


哈利迪唯一出版的短篇小說《Stump Louie》在2005年被刊登在巴黎評論。她和丈夫現居於米蘭(Milan),目前事自由編輯和翻譯的工作,而她的丈夫則在費爾特里內利出版社(Feltrinelli)擔任版權總監。


"A beautiful debut novel . . . Halliday deftly and subtly intersects the two disparate stories, resulting in a deep rumination on the relation of art to life and death." —Booklist (starred review)


"It's not only Halliday's ingenious structure but her urgent depictions of post-9/11 anger and Islamophobia that makes Asymmetry such a vital read." —INTERVIEW (Spring Preview)


"Two seemingly unrelated novellas form one delicately joined whole in this observant debut....A singularly conceived graft of one narrative upon another; what grows out of these conjoined stories is a beautiful reflection of life and art."Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


"Deftly combining two stories that are distinctive in style and content, Whiting Award-winner Lisa Halliday's Asymmetry is a stellar piece of writing and a bold debut." —Shelf Awareness


"Lisa Halliday’s debut novel starts like a story you’ve heard, only to become a book unlike any you’ve read. The initial mystery is how its pieces fit together; the lasting one is how she pulled the whole thing off. Deft, funny, and humane, Asymmetry is a profoundly necessary political novel about the place for art in an unjust world." —Chad Harbach, author of The Art Of Fielding


"Wow. Asymmetry is a rare book in the sense that it is always shocking to read something this good and polished and fully formed, a novel that impossibly seems to be everything at once: transgressive and intimate and expansive, torn from today’s headlines, signifier of the strange moment we now occupy. Somehow this book, this author has all but exploded into the world, fully formed. Lisa Halliday is an amazing writer. Just open this thing, start at the beginning." —Charles Bock, author of Beautiful Children and Alice & Oliver


"Amazing. Ms. Halliday has a unique ability to make the familiar strange, and the strange familiar. I’m struggling to think of a novel that has had a similar effect on me. Asymmetry is funny, sad, deeply humane, and clearly the product of bold intelligence at work." —Kevin Powers, author of The Yellow Birds


"Asymmetry is a novel of deceptive lightness and a sort of melancholy joy. Lisa Halliday writes with tender laugh-aloud wit, but under her formidable, reckoning gaze a world of compelling characters emerges. She steps onto the literary stage with the energy of a debut novelist and the confidence of a mature writer." —Louise Erdrich, author of LaRose and Future Home of the Living God


"Lisa Halliday’s singular and beautifully-written novel is impossible to put down, and to pin down. It shifts before our eyes from the tale of a literary-world, May-December love affair to the first-person account of an Iraqi-American economist detained at Heathrow Airport. She treats these characters with such integrity and respect they seem corporeal. Nothing, we realize, is as it seems, and it’s deeply affecting to discover not only how Halliday’s narratives resolve but how they connect to one another. She has written a bold, elegant examination of the dynamics of love, power, ambition, and the ways we try to find our place in the world, whether at 25 or 75. Her crisply crafted sentences exude the inviting quiet of an assured artist – all this while posing arresting questions about the very nature of fiction itself." —The Whiting Foundation


Lisa Halliday received a 2017 Whiting Award - the very prestigious accolade given each year to ten emerging writers of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays.


The stated goal of The Whiting Award is "to identify exceptional new writers who have yet to make their mark in the literary culture." The award does not accept applications or unsolicited nominations - writers are invited by a jury. Previous winners have gone on to receive Pulitzer, National Book Award, National Book Critics Circle, PEN Faulkner and other awards and include Alice McDermott, David Foster Wallace, Alexander Chee, Elif Batuman, Justin Cronin, Michael Cunningham, Jeffrey Eugenides, Jonathan Franzen, Kent Haruf, Mary Karr, Mona Simpson, John Jeremiah Sullivan and many more.



Granta (UK & BC), Gallimard (France), Atlas-Contact (Netherlands), Hanser (Germany), Feltrinelli (Italy), Alfaguara (Spain), Politikens Forlag (Denmark), Domingo (Turkey).