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New World, Inc.
版本: 精裝432頁  2018 年 3 月 20 日  Little, Brown and Company出版
ISBN: 978-0316307888


全書分兩部分:I. 追求財富。在這部分探討1550-1600期間的歷史事件,及新世界為了發展所做的努力背後之主要促因:尋求到中國的新貿易路線、公海上的劫掠和一夕致富的可能性、對封建權力及影響力的渴望;II. 安頓定居。這部分看的是1600-1620期間,當明瞭那些早期的夢想是不可能實現的時候,新世界的冒險家改以一個全新、截然不同的方式看待美洲:一個擁有自己權力的地方,而這只能透過長期、基礎的定居安頓及產業耕耘來達成。這就是我們後來看到的革命。



Simon Targett為作家、編輯、媒體顧問、歷史學家。也是商業財金記者,獲獎無數,同時也兼任幾項新聞獎項的評審。

他關於英國歷史的文章刊載於許多刊物上。是波士頓顧問集團的主編, 也是金融時報的特寫編輯。

John Butman 是許多書、文章、部落格文章的作者、編輯、協作作者,著作內容以社會變遷為主。是個人及組織發展、取勝、改革性思想的專家,常於各大企業團體進行演講,著作於世界各地的重要出版品中皆有收錄。

1989年創辦內容發展公司:Idea Platforms


 "As John Butman and Simon Targett remind us in their deeply researched and well-written New World, Inc., the Pilgrim venture was the outcome of English attempts over seven decades to reach the fabled East and Cathay (China)... ...Butman and Targett unapologetically describe the mercantile foundations of the Atlantic colonies."―Financial Times

"John Butman and Simon Targett explain the origins of America's colonies by examining London's businesses--especially those that attracted investors eager to explore opportunities abroad...[They] parse the kind of financial details that get lost in many similar histories."―Peter C. Mancall, Wall Street Journal

"This engrossing history of adventure and innovation, disclosing the true motive for America's founding, will appeal to all readers."―Library Journal, Starred Review

"Brisk and fascinating"―Foreign Affairs

"This is a beautifully presented and constructed book, with an arresting collection of colour pictures. It is fluently and elegantly written, and the reader is drawn from page to page, onwards through this fascinating story. In many ways it reads at times like a novel, but this is a serious piece of historical writing. Human interest and drama sit at the heart of this story, but it is also one of science, innovation, navigational daring, bravery, chance, and resilience. It is a story as exciting as it is revealing."―Mark FoxReaction

"New World, Inc. makes a good case for changing the conversation from religious to economic migration come November"―Rob CoxReuters Breakingviews

"Butman and Targett argue persuasively that the myth of America's founding narrative, centered on the Pilgrims' quest for religious freedom, ignores the reality of England's relationship to the New World in the 16th century... A lively and illuminating revisionist history."―Kirkus

""Butman and Targett are fluent storytellers with an eye for detail"―Publishers' Weekly

"This meticulously researched, well-written, and beautifully designed book tells the fascinating and largely untold story of the earliest days of globalization, of innovation and entrepreneurial risk-taking, and of the creation of some of the earliest venture-financed companies in the world."―Glenn LeibowitzWrite with Impact

"The fascinating story of the merchant adventurers, the 16th century equivalent of today's venture capitalists, who risked their capital for the prospects of enormous profits and were behind explorers like Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh, who discovered and first settled the New World. Brilliantly researched and vividly told, New World Inc will give you a totally new perspective on the history of the founding of this country."―Liaquat Ahamed, author of the Pulitzer Prize winning Lords of Finance