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 《種子小社區》(SEED)是英國新生代青少年小說家麗莎•希斯菲爾德 (Lisa Heathfield)初試啼聲之作,被譽為「寫實描述狂熱異教派,一個令人不寒而慄的青少年故事!」。此書在「義大利波隆那兒童書展」 (Bologna Children's Book Fair)也獲得高度詢問,受到各方激賞。2015年4月,以發行新穎兒童和青少年讀物著稱的英國艾閣蒙出版社(Egmont Publishing),對外宣告買下《種子小社區》(SEED)版權,並計畫在2015年春季出版;續集則預計於隔年春季出版。

「相信我們吧!」"種子"小社區的耆老們,一直對少女珍珠(Pearl)如此說道。珍珠(Pearl)剛滿十五歲,從出生至今,她一直對耆老們深信不疑、乖乖聽話。敬拜自然(Nature)是社區全體居民例行的宗教儀式,爸爸S(Papa S)則是大家恭奉的宗教至尊領袖。他們會一同去「黎明岩區」(Dawn Rocks)迎接晨曦、一同在田地工作、一同到湖中游泳。珍珠(Pearl)自幼在這個社區長大,她和家人就像生活在與世隔絕的保護圈,從來不曾踏出"種子"小社區一步。因為地方耆老們時時告誡著,外面的世界是多麼地毒害、多麼地腐敗。然而,當一個陌生家庭從外面世界初次造訪此地,也顛覆了爸爸S(Papa S)和地方耆老的說法,瓦解了社區原有封閉、制式的生活。珍珠(Pearl)此時體悟到前所未有的感受,逐漸明白"種子"小社區裡,暗藏著邪惡的異教意旨。她必須及時逃離求生,免得為時已晚...


Fifteen-year-old Pearl has lived her whole life within the small community at Seed, where they worship Nature and idolise their leader, Papa S. Together they greet the sun at Dawn Rocks, work in the fields and on free days, swim in the lake. Growing up at Seed, Pearl and her 'family' are protected from the outside world, and from the poison and corruption that they are told is everywhere. But when some outsiders arrive, everything changes. Pearl experiences feelings that she never knew existed and begins to realise that there is real darkness at heart of Seed. A darkness from which she must escape, before it's too late.

Ali Dougal, her editor at Egmont has shared with us what she loves about it:

“Seed presses all the right buttons for YA readers, exploring themes of self-discovery, budding romance, making sense of the world, trust, secrets, friendship and so on. Told in the naïve voice of a girl who knows nothing of the real world, it is haunting and heart-breaking in equal measure. I was gripped from first page to the last. With its strong hook and distinctive voice, it's one of those rare books with strong commercial AND prize potential.”



麗莎•希斯菲爾德(Lisa Heathfield),曾為中學老師,致力於學生閱讀的啟蒙,《紙蝴蝶》(PAPER BUTTERFLIES)是麗莎的第二本小說。現與丈夫及三個兒子居住於英國布萊頓。



‘I read this utterly chilling and absorbing account of life in a cult in one sitting. The sense of disquiet and suspense slowly grows, from the seemingly bucolic utopia of the first chapters to a bloody, cliff-hanger ending. A really powerful debut.’ - The Bookseller

‘With Pearl’s present-tense narration, Heathfield paints convincing portraits of an extremely naïve girl and of a cult from the inside, weaving in another narrative voice at the end of many chapters—perhaps Pearl’s mother. The cult leader, rather like Jim Jones on a smaller scale, eventually takes all the women for himself and concocts bizarre punishments to keep the members submissive. Pearl’s slow realization of the truth comes across as quite believable. An absorbing treatment of an ever interesting subject.’ – Kirkus

"Seed will hold readers' attention as the story's mood slowly changes and the work builds to an ultimately stunning conclusion." —School Library Journal

"Pearl grows throughout in a realistic way, offering a look at what it's like to live with no knowledge of the outside world. . . . Interested readers will certainly be seeking out the sequel." —Booklist


德國(Egmont)、捷克(Albatros)、斯洛伐克(Albatros)、義大利(Newton Compton)、泰國(Post Books)