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Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk: A Novel
版本: 精裝320頁  2012 年 5 月 1 日  Ecco出版

2012年 AMAZON亞馬遜網站年度最佳選書五大 

2012年美國國家書卷獎 ( National Book Award )小說決選名單




美國駐伊“勇者之隊”(Bravo Squad)在阿爾安薩卡運河戰役(Al-Ansakar Canal)中擊潰了敵方暴亂分子,在交戰中,他們的軍官Breem不幸陣亡,另一位士兵Lake被炸掉了雙腿,其中最激烈的戰爭場面被福克斯新聞報(Fox News)的攝影人員拍攝下來並在國內外的電視中播放。幾乎是一夜之間“勇者之隊”成爲了家喻戶曉的英雄人物。美國布希政府爲了抓住此次機會再度振興民眾對戰爭的支持,特意召回這隻部隊回國並在美國各州進行巡迴慶祝會。活動的最後一天是在德克薩斯體育館,那天正好是達拉斯牛仔對陣芝加哥熊的感恩節橄欖球比賽。 








本書圍繞“勇者之隊”的一員Billy Lynn的故事而展開,他來自德克薩斯,今年十九歲,在伊拉克服役的他因為在此次戰爭中的英勇事跡而被授予了銀星勳章。今天Billy和他的戰友都將成為達拉斯牛仔隊的老闆Norman Oglesby的座上賓,在那兒度過有生以來最夢幻的一天,認識上流社會的有錢人,在比賽的中場表演時間登臺亮相,在好萊塢製片人的幫助下達成拍電影的願望,感受民眾的萬千崇拜和敬仰。在戰爭給予他們無限的傷痛下,這樣的場合除了喝酒,思鄉,緬懷逝者,更讓他們傷神的是幾天之後還得回伊拉克繼續那場看似永無止境的戰爭。這樣的美好時光對他們來說只是中半場休息,他們的戰爭遠還沒有結束。


作者Ben Fountain曾以短篇小說集《與切格瓦拉的短暫邂逅》(Brief Encounters with Che Guevara)奪得2007年的海明威最佳新人小說獎(Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award),更被《舊金山新聞》(San Francisco Chronicle)等報社評為年度最佳圖書之一。

Fountain的小說先後發表于著名文學雜誌Harper's,文學期刊The Paris Review等。此外,他還在2005年獲得了歐亨利獎(O. Henry Prize),先後兩次奪得美國小型出版社最佳年度文學獎(Pushcart Prizes)。Ben Fountain目前和他的家人居住於美國德州。


Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk is not merely good; it’s Pulitzer Prize-quality good . . . A bracing, fearless and uproarious satire of how contemporary war is waged and sold to the American public.” (San Francisco Chronicle )























































































“[A] wonderfully readable book [which] does something similar to Why Are We in Vietnam?, asking hard questions about the cultural short-sightedness that contributed to our involvement in Iraq. As a veteran myself, I can attest that it’s spot on.” (BookRiot )


“…wickedly affecting…Billy Lynn has courted some Catch-22 comparisons, and they’re well-earned. Fountain is a whiz at lining up plausible inanities and gut-twisting truths for the Bravos to suffer through.” (Philadelphia City Paper )


“The chasm between the reality and the glorification of war hasn’t been this surreal since Joseph Heller’s Catch-22.” (Sacramento Bee )


“Here is a novel that is deeply engaged with our contemporary world, timely and timeless at once. Plus, it’s such fun to read.” (The Millions )


“So much of Fountain’s work...reads with an easy grace.... [S]ometimes genius is anything but rarefied; sometimes it’s just the thing that emerges after twenty years of working at your kitchen table.” (Malcolm Gladwell, The New Yorker )


“While Fountain undoubtedly knows his Graham Greene and Paul Theroux, his excursions into foreign infernos have an innocence all their own. In between his nihilistic descriptions, a boyishness keeps peeking out, cracking one-liners and admiring the amazing if benighted scenery.” (Cleveland Plain Dealer )


“Ben Fountain’s Halftime is as close to the Great American Novel as anyone is likely to come these days—an extraordinary work that captures and releases the unquiet spirit of our age, and will probably be remembered as one of the important books of this decade.” (Madison Smartt Bell )


“Fountain is the Pen/Hemingway Award winner of the bristly and satisfying Brief Encounters with Che Guevara, so I expect lots from this book.” (Barbara's Picks, Library Journal )


“Ben Fountain stormed to the front lines of American fiction when he published his astonishing...Brief Encounters with Che Guevara. His first novel will raise his stature and add to his splendid reputation. Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk is both hilarious and heartbreaking.” (Pat Conroy )


“[T]he Catch-22 of the Iraq War....Fountain applies the heat of his wicked sense of humor while you face the truth of who we have become. Live one day inside Billy Lynn’s head and you’ll never again see our soldiers or America in the same way.” (Karl Marlantes, bestselling author of Matterhorn )


“A truly wondrous first novel.” (Shelf Awareness )


“[T]he shell-shocked humor will likely conjure comparisons with Catch-22 and Slaughterhouse Five…War is hell in this novel of inspired absurdity.” (Kirkus Reviews (starred review) )


“Passionate, irreverent, utterly relevant Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk offers an unforgettable portrait of a reluctant hero. Ben Fountain writes like a man inspired and his razor sharp exploration of our contemporary ironies will break your heart.” (Margot Livesey )


“[A] masterly . . . tightly structured book [with] a sprawling amount of drama and emotion.” (The Rumpus )


“Fountain’s strength as a writer is that he not only can conjure up this all-too-realistic-sounding mob, but also the young believably innocent soul for our times, Specialist Billy Lynn. And from the first page I found myself rooting for him, often from the edge of my seat.” (Minneapolis Star Tribune )


“Darkly comic…Rarely does such a ruminative novel close with such momentum.” (Los Angeles Times )


“It’s a darkly humorous satire about the war at home, absurd and believable at the same time.” (Esquire )


“The Iraq war hasn’t yet had its Catch-22 or Slaughterhouse-Five, but Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk is a contender… A wicked sense of humor, wonderful writing and, beneath the anger and outrage, a generous heart.” (Tampa Bay Times )


“Biting, thoughtful, and absolutely spot-on. . . . This postmodern swirl of inner substance, yellow ribbons, and good(ish) intentions is at the core of Ben Fountain’s brilliant Bush-era novel.” (The Daily Beast )


“Seething, brutally funny…[Fountain] leaves readers with a fully realized band of brothers…Fountain’s readers will never look at an NFL Sunday, or at America, in quite the same way.” (Sports Illustrated )


“A brilliantly conceived first novel . . . The irony, sorrow, anger and examples of cognitive dissonance that suffuse this novel make it one of the most moving and remarkable novels I’ve ever read.” (Nancy Pearl, NPR, Morning Edition )


“Ben Fountain combines blistering, beautiful language with razor-sharp insight…and has written a funny novel that provides skewering critiques of America’s obsession with sports, spectacle, and war.” (Huffington Post )


“For Memorial Day why not turn to a biting, thoughtful, and absolutely spot-on new novel, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk…This postmodern swirl of inner substance, yellow ribbons, and good(ish) intentions is at the core of Ben Fountain’s brilliant Bush-era novel.” (The Daily Beast )


“Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk is a big one. This is the brush-clearing Bush book we’ve been waiting for.” (Harper's Magazine )


“Fountain’s excellent first novel follows a group of soldiers at a Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving Day…Through the eyes of the titular soldier, Fountain creates a minutely observed portrait of a society with woefully misplaced priorities. [Fountain has] a pitch-perfect ear for American talk…” (The New Yorker )


“A masterful echo of ‘Catch-22,’ with war in Iraq at the center. …a gut-punch of a debut novel…There’s hardly a false note, or even a slightly off-pitch one, in Fountain’s sympathetic, damning and structurally ambitious novel.” (Washington Post )


“[An] inspired, blistering war novel…Though it covers only a few hours, the book is a gripping, eloquent provocation. Class, privilege, power, politics, sex, commerce and the life-or-death dynamics of battle all figure in Billy Lynn’s surreal game day experience.” (New York Times )


“Brilliantly done . . . grand, intimate, and joyous.” (New York Times Book Review )


Rights have now been sold in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Israel and Turkey. Ecco Press will publish this in the US in May and Canongate in the UK.