John A. Farrell   (約翰‧法洛)

John Aloysius Farrell is the author of the highly acclaimed Tip O’Neill and the Democratic Century, which was featured on the cover of theNew York Times Book Review, received rave reviews from the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic Monthly, and the Boston Globe, and was a New York Times “Notable Book” and a Washington Post Book World “Rave of the Year.” He is a staff correspondent at National Journal magazine in Washington, D.C. Previously, he was Washington bureau chief for the Denver Post, served as Washington editor, White House correspondent for the Boston Globe, and was a senior writer at the Center for Public Integrity. He lives with his wife and two children in Washington.

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克萊倫斯•丹諾Clarence Darrow(1857年-1938年),是美國歷史上最負盛名的律師、演說家,被譽為“美國歷史上最偉大的辯護律師”。在他的律師生涯中,成功地代理了許多起疑難復雜的經典案件,主要包括:《洛杉磯時報》大樓爆炸案、煤礦罷工事件、婁伯和裡波路謀殺案、著名的進化論法庭辯論等,他為美國社會的勞工領袖、無政府主義者、有色人種、進化論傳播者、未成年人以及其他形形色色的刑...