Ali Lewis   (阿裡.路易士)

Ali Lewis was born in rural North Yorkshire in 1976, the second of three children. Being cast as Rose Herriot in the final series of All Creatures Great and Small opened the door to a new world. After graduating from university, she went into a career in journalism, then in 2002 she left to travel the world. It was in Australia, working on an outback cattle station, that she found the inspiration for her first novel, Everybody Jam. Since her return, Ali worked as a features writer and now has moved on to work in public relations.

 繁體: Cynthia
 簡體: Electra  
  該作品入圍多項英國兒童文學重要獎項,包括卡內基獎(Carnegie Medal)、布蘭福博斯獎(Branford Boase Award)。   澳大利亞內陸,擁有一百多萬公頃的牧牛場,崎嶇的山脈和令人歎為觀止的巨大峽谷,連綿不斷的沙漠,廣袤的空間似乎遠無邊際,這片廣闊棕色大陸有著無數的探險故事,同時也反映了澳大利亞的拓荒精神和獨特身份。   在澳大利亞內陸,黃梅果醬又叫&...