Sharon Dogar

Sharon Dogar is a children’s psychotherapist who lives in Oxford, England with her family. She discovered Anne Frank’s diary as a child and the again recently when her daughter started reading it. While writing and researching this book, she spent many hours soaking up the atmosphere of the Annex.


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“我只是一個害羞、笨拙的男孩,童年被戰火與血腥屠殺掩蓋。我是Annie Frank唯一的愛,籍由她的文字而存在。” “我是誰?” “我是Peter,從未被人忘記,但也從未真正被提及。” 1947年,一位叫做Annie Frank的小女孩的密室日記由她的父親公佈于眾,向人們講述了她與家人以及另兩個猶太家庭為逃避納粹迫害而度過的長達兩年的隱蔽...