Bill Haduch

Bill Haduch and his bicycle wre inseparable during the 1960s and ‘70s. On his bike he learned about hard climbs and easy coasts., the beautiful, the challenging, and the scary. And for a long time, his calf muscles resembled Popeye’s. GO FLY A BIKE! Is Bill Haduch’s eighth book for young readers. Also an award-winning science and technology writer for corporations and academia, he is the author of Food Rules!, a nutrition book named a 2001 Top Ten Youth Science Book by Booklist magazine. The father of two, Mr. Haduch now pedals the back roads and shore towns of New Jersey, always looking forward to finding out what lies around the next bend in the road.

 繁體: Cynthia
 簡體: Cynthia  
台灣是自行車車王國,因此你不能不看這本圖文並茂,幽默無比的書。你可知道: 和步行相較,單車可以加快三至五倍的速度,只需耗費五分之一的能量。所以這是以人力運送人體的最佳方式。 萊特兄弟深愛騎單車,並且憑藉上百個單車零件、銷售單車,幫助他們籌措經費,以及發想,從而飛上天空。各位應該還記得萊特兄弟吧? 美國賣出的每十輛單車,有八台是登山越野車,而在八0年代,這種車款根本不存在。 當你騎單車時,你其實運用到很多鳥類飛...