Cyn Balog

While the other neighborhood children were out getting fresh air and sunlight playing Zim Zam and freeze tag, Cyn Balog preferred to be locked in her bedroom, writing. When she emerged, with her growth only slightly stunted, she graduated from Rutgers with a degree in Shoelace Tying or something. She'd wanted to major in Writing, but certain "wise elders" in her life told her that career writers must learn to subsist on three Saltines a day, and being part-Italian, Cyn adamantly refused to give up Pasta Sundays.

Cyn now lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her husband and daughters. She rarely listens to "wise elders" anymore, still eats pasta regularly and is currently looking for a way to get back her figure, possibly by taking up Zim Zam or freeze tag. Her first novel, FAIRY TALE (Delacorte), is a 2009 RITA finalist in the young adult category, and her second novel, SLEEPLESS, which School Library Journal calls "an interesting, quick-paced, and compelling paranormal romance" and Kirkus calls "a lovely read," released this year. Two more young adult paranormal novels, STARSTRUCK and LIVING BACKWARDS, will be released in 2011 and 2012. Visit her online at

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守護著我的睡魔啊,請帶我入夢…… 睡魔(Sandman)是神話中引誘人類進入夢鄉,並守護人的夢境不受侵害的守護精靈,一位睡魔的任期只有100年,時限到後將進入輪回重新成為人類。睡魔可以在守護對象的夢境中與其見面並交流,但通常他們不會作此選擇,以免與人類產生羈絆。 孤獨的少女Julia並不知道,自己的夢境與人生由一位帥氣的睡魔男生Eron所守護。Eron已經到了“退休&rdq...