Maziar Bahari

Maziar Bahari is an award-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker, and human-rights activist. A correspondent for Newsweek from 1998 to 2010, he was born in Tehran, Iran, and immigrated to Canada in 1988 to pursue his studies in film and political science. Bahari’s documentaries have been broadcast on stations around the world, including HBO, the BBC, and the Discovery Channel. In 2009, he was named a finalist for Spain’s Prince of Asturias Award for Concord, often described as Spain’s Nobel Peace Prize; he was nominated by Desmond Tutu. He lives in London with his wife and daughter.

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  這是著名記者Maziar Bahari的回憶體自傳小說,該作品推出不久就榮登紐約時報暢銷排行榜,電影改編權也已被美國王牌訪談節目The Daily Show的支持人兼製作人John Stewart買走。   這一次,輪到了我:一個震撼人心的故事,他講述了這樣一家人,雖然經歷了種種常人難以想像的磨難,但是因為有愛還有對人生的信念,他們活了下來,並且活的比這世界上的任何人都還要自由。 &n...