Friedrich Christian Delius

Friedrich Christian Delius was born in Rome in 1943 and grew up in Central Germany. He did his doctoral thesis in German studies at the FU Berlin in 1970 and subsequently worked as book editor. Today he divides his time between the Italian capital and Berlin.
In 1965, his first collection of poems entitled Kerbholz appeared. Apart from poetry, he has since published short stories, radio dramas, and novels. Some of his best-known works are Ribbeck’s Pears (1991), The Sunday I Became World Champion (1994), The Walk from Rostock to Syracuse (1995), The Flattering Tongue (1999), My Year as a Murderer (2004) and Portrait of Mother as a Young Woman (2006). Delius is currently writer-in-residence in the town of Bergen-Enkheim and has won numerous awards, most recently the Schubert Literary Prize, the German Critics’ Prize and the Joseph Breitbach Prize.

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德國人克蘭德‧楚澤(Konrad Zuse,1910-1995),於二次大戰後終於被西方電腦界公認發明了世界第一台採用程式控制的數位電腦。這台機器被命名為Z-4,而它的發名人其實是一位靠自費起家的土木建築工程師。楚澤不僅發明了世界第一台電腦,也為了一種特別的愛情而活著,他愛上了來自另一個世紀的女子。 楚澤當年把家中的客廳隔出一間,改造成實驗室 兼工廠,孑然一身展開漫長的研究生涯,他的發明靈感來自於他對著名詩人拜倫(...