Dan Carlin

Pioneering podcaster Dan Carlin is the king of long-form audio content. He also developed the podcast “Common Sense,” a show devoted to politics and current events which, as of 2016, was generating about 700,000 downloads per episode. It was nominated for a Podcast Award in the Politics/News category in 2012 and 2013. Given the popularity of Hardcore History, there are many opportunities to promote the book. The podcast itself has 7-8 million regular listeners. Further, by the time of publication, a second Hardcore History show feed will be operating (and it will include more frequent releases). The show’s two Twitter feeds have about 250K followers, as does its Facebook page. 

 繁體: Mengying
 從2006年開始,《硬派歷史》就是podcast上最受到歡迎的節目之一。每一集通常4-5個小時,以某一個歷史性的時刻或圖像,極盡仔細地解說每一個細節。作者Dan Carlin被赫芬頓郵報(Huffington Post)稱為「美國國民歷史教授」,也獲得iTunes頒發2014年最佳經典獎項,10周年podcast的也將此節目列在25大當中。此外,Slate Magazine更將其中一集探討德俄戰爭的節目為...