Joy Rhoades

Joy is Australian, though she lived in New York for several years and now lives in London with her husband and two young daughters. She left the small, rural town in Queensland where she grew up when she was 13 to attend boarding school and then college in Brisbane. As I may have mentioned, Joy’s grandmother is a fifth-generation grazier in Australia, who lived on the family sheep station in northern New South Wales, including throughout the Second World War, when Italian POWs were assigned there. THE WOOLGROWER’S COMPANION is inspired by Joy’s grandmother’s grit and humor, as well as by the farm where Joy spent some of her happiest childhood memories. Please check out her website at

Joy captures the wide open spaces, dialects, rough spirit, and the strict social and racial boundaries of 1940s Australia with incredible authenticity. The novel is likely to attract controversy as Australia is only now beginning to grapple with the wrongs perpetrated on generations of Aboriginal children stolen from their families and institutionalized, the girls put into indentured servitude.

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At the center of this sweeping story―reminiscent of the 1977 classic THE THORN BIRDS with insights into social and racial injustice of THE HELP―is Kate Dowd, the skinny only child of Ralph Stimson, the owner of...