Iain Lawrence  (萊恩.勞倫斯)

 Iain Lawrence grew up moving all over Canada with his family. He worked in logging, fishing, and even as a forest-fire fighter before studying journalism in Vancouver and working at newspapers for ten years. He is the author of fifteen books for young readers, including this one, and has received many accolades, including the Governor General’s Award and the California Young Reader Medal. He lives in the Gulf Islands with his companion, Kristin, and their dog and cat. He invites you to visit him online at iainlawrence.com.

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 簡體: Electra  
獲獎作家Iain Lawrence的最新作品,將現代冒險和古典文學融合在一起。可讀性堪比The Call of the Wild, Hatchet, 以及The Cay。 12歲的克里斯跟隨叔叔坐船去阿拉斯加海岸遊玩,但是剛48小時不到,他們乘坐的船就沉沒了。最后只有克里斯和另一個叫法蘭克的男孩兒倖存了下來。按道理說兩個人應該相依為命,互相扶持才是,但是法蘭克卻不喜歡克里斯。  接下來的日子相...