Barry Moser

National Book Award-winning artist and booksmith Barry Moser is the acclaimed illustrator of more than three hundred books. He is currently Professor in Residence and Printer at Smith College. His work has been exhibited at the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum, and the Library of Congress.

 繁體: Cynthia
 簡體: Electra  
還記得《愛麗絲夢遊仙境》作品中那隻經常咧嘴笑的柴郡貓嗎?牠總是帶著平靜,誘人的微笑,刻意掩飾自己的膽怯,變換無常卻又淡定自若的經典表情,和一雙碩大的眼睛,加上月牙的嘴形,鋸齒樣的牙齒,組成一張典型的笑臉。<<The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale>> 一書中的柴郡貓更有另一份迷人的精神和態度。 陰暗潮濕的小巷裏,一隻流浪的柴郡貓Skille...