Erica Drloff

Erica Orloff is a native New Yorker, novelist, blogger, mother of four, chronic insomniac, alt-rock loving, voracious reader (and prolific writer) who has written over twenty novels across a number of genres and pen names. She currently lives in Virginia where she rarely sleeps, roots for the Yankees and the NY Giants, knits in her almost-never free time, herds worms with her six-year-old Pirate Boy, and tries to hold onto what little sanity she has left." (

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“他們的愛,已被篆刻於星辰之上。” 有些愛情從一開始就已註定是悲劇,然而卻因此才能成爲不朽,正如同羅密歐與茱麗葉一樣。十六嵗的Callie偶然從叔叔研究的一本古老的手抄本中發現了一個秘密,通過這個秘密,她窺探到久遠的過去,一對被迫別離的情侶——阿伯拉與哀綠綺思(Abelard and Heloise)的愛情故事。兩個人互訴衷腸的書信優美得如同流蕩的詩句,令她神馳。而就...