Mindy Budgor

Only the combination of cultural curiosity, passion, fearlessness and a set of Jewish parents breathing fire down her neck could lead a sane human being to buy a one-way ticket to Nairobi and face probable death in an effort to become the world’s first female Maasai warrior. Mindy Budgor embodies that combination.

In her junior year at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Mindy started her first business, CollegeButler, a concierge service for undergrads. She sold the company several years later and worked at a small sports marketing agency. She also managed early-stage investments for the agency’s CEO. In 2009, after leaving her marketing job, Mindy’s career was at a standstill. Unsure what she wanted to do next, she simultaneously applied to business school and bought a multi-stop plane ticket to Bangladesh and Kenya to explore her interests in social enterprises in developing countries.

After completing a two-month microfinance internship in Dhaka, Mindy traveled to Kenya. While volunteering to build a clinic in the Maasai Mara, she met several members of the Maasai, a semi-nomadic tribe, which led to the journey detailed in Warrior Princess.

Mindy hopes Warrior Princess will bring attention to her tribe and empower readers to slap complacency in the face and take the reins in their own lives.

She currently attends the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and is a 2012 MBA candidate.

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從Gucci包時尚女變成叢林女戰士   Mindy Budgor, 32歲, 來自加州. 離開原來舒適方便的生活, 跑到非洲肯亞的部落生活三個月 本書描述她為了成為戰士所經歷的種種考驗, 包括:生飲山羊血, 徒手殺水牛, 手摸獅子糞與擲長矛 Mindy的決定跟付出確實得到了回響, 她成為了第一位馬賽戰士, 並替當地的女性們打開了這扇大門   ...