Shoshana Zuboff  (肖沙娜•朱伯夫)

肖沙娜•朱伯夫(Shoshana Zuboff) 獲哈佛大學社會心理學博士學位。哈佛商學院查理斯•愛德華•威爾遜教席企業管理教授,奧德賽專案(OdysseyProgram)主席。曾出版廣受讚譽的《智能時代:工作與力量的未來》(In the Age of the Smart Machine: The Future of Work and Power)一書,她被譽為“資訊時代的預言者”。2006年strategy+business雜誌稱她是全世界十一大商業思想家之一。

Shoshana Zuboff is the Charles Edward Wilson Professor at Harvard Business School. She joined its faculty in 1981, was one of the first tenured women at HBS and the youngest professor to receive an endowed chair.. Her PhD is in social from Harvard University; her B.A. in philosophy is from the University of Chicago. She has been a columnist for Fast Company and In 2006 strategy+business magazine named Zuboff as one of the eleven most original business thinkers in the world.

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From Shoshana Zuboff, author of the international bestseller The Age of the Smart Machine, comes her next big book on the evolution of capitalism in a digital age.The Summons elucidates the ways capitalism must...