Alan B. Bernstein

Alan B. Bernstein holds MSW, CSW, and ACSW degrees, is a graduate of the Nathan Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy, and has been in private practice for over thirty years. In addition to family therapy, his work has focused on life transitions and career. He is the author of The Princeton Review's Guide to Your Career and the co-author of Your Retirement, Your Way (McGraw-Hill, 2006; 2nd. ed. 2008).

似乎我們總是被教導做事情不能半途而廢,「放棄」這個字被妖魔化,像是承受不了壓力的人、草莓族等才會做的事。然而生活、工作、愛情中有時放棄是更好的處理方式。 在《放棄的藝術》一書中,作者們告訴我們如何放棄如何從新開始。我們都需要學習情緒與心理的軔性,瞭解自己的目標以及何時該堅持,何時該放棄。現代人太容易過度分析、反覆思考、一直困在很多個「萬一」的假想情境中。「放棄」是一門讓我們能夠過著幸福與成功生活的藝術。底下是書中想...