Matt Ward  (馬特.華德)

Matt Ward is sadly not a world-record holder himself, but he was the art director of a cinematography magazine, for which he received two Maggie award nominations. And in 2006, he won a Mini Cooper convertible and an oversized novelty check, granting him the title of World’s First TiVo Ambassador. THE FANTASTIC FAMILY WHIPPLE won an Editor’s Choice Award at the 2007 SDSU Writer’s Conference, as well as the Lincoln City Fellowship Grant in 2011. Matt is just as funny and charming as you might guess from his writing.

 簡體: Annie  
可愛幽默的兒童成長小說系列:THE FANTASTIC FAMILY WHIPPLE by Matt Ward。Razorbill/Penguin 將於2013年秋天出版該作品。 *該系列兩部作品被Razorbill以每本六位數的價格搶先拿下! * 該作品將是Razorbill2013年秋季的主打作品! * Razorbill更會為其量身打造超豪華的包裝與行銷計畫!   惠普爾家族是一個具有傳奇色...